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SPEED Limiter for sale
Contact Address: Agege, Lagos
Contact Person: Funday Technologies Limited
Price: ₦ 55,000
Phone Num:+234 81 746 98123
Whatapp Num: 081 746 98123

FRSC has given October 1st as deadline for installation of VEHICLE SPEED LIMITER. We have affordable speed limiter device with VALID LICENSE. Contact us today for your own before the due time for checking:

What is a Vehicle Speed Limiter (SLDR)?
A Vehicle speed limiter (VSL) means a device whose primary function is to control the fuel feed to the engine, in order to limit the vehicle speed to a preset value.
Some of the social-economic benefits of speed limiter according to the FRS Commission include:

Lower speed results in less fuel consumption by vehicles.
Lower speed also cuts down vehicle maintenance cost and slows down depreciation value thus vehicle last longer.
It will significantly impact positively in changing the individual driving behaviour which has been hard to achieve over the years.
It will reduce the speed of vehicle to pre-set limit thus reducing overall crash risk and likely to lessen severity of crash.
It will equally engender good monitoring mechanism for vehicle owners’/fleet operators.
it will engender compliance with the ECOWAS mandate, fulfillment of the Corps statutory functions through good practice.
It will assist to preserve the young virile members of the society from deaths and maiming associated with speed induced crashes.
It will assist to eliminate losses associated with speed related crashes. These losses are usually in vehicles loss, damage to roads and road infrastructure, house, goods etc.
It enables more relaxed driving and lower insurance premium as consequence of fewer crashes.
There are two (2) major types of speed limiting devices
a. Mechanical speed limiting device.
b.The Electrical/ Electronic speed limiting device with screen.

We have engineers throughout Nigeria to do the installation, calibration and certification as instructed and authorized by FRSC at any location/state as desired.
Kindly contact us for more details before FRSC impounds your vehicles.

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