It’s wrong to call for Ayade’s impeachment because he goes on regular foreign trips, says politician

Mudiaga Affe, Calabar

A former chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council in Cross River State, Mr. Goddie Akpama, has said it was wrong for a group to campaign for the impeachment of Governor Ben Ayade over his numerous foreign trips.

A group, Cross River Transparency Network International, had, on Tuesday, inaugurated a campaign for Ayade’s impeachment who they noted had travelled out of the state for over one month without handing over to his deputy.

The group had also said it would organise a one-million-man march to protest the governor’s alleged frequent overseas trips, calling on the state House of Assembly to commence impeachment process against him.

But in a statement issued in Calabar, Akpama said although it was right for the group and its members to air their views, such views should be “based on truth and rational conclusions.”

He said, “Members of the group should have realised that Cross River State cannot, and does not operate in isolation and must, of necessity, tap from the outside world in order to improve on various facets of its life, especially its economy.

“This dream of moving the economy of the state forward requires the much needed foreign exchange through the attraction of foreign investments, and this explains why Governor Ayade has been travelling abroad periodically to woo investors to the state.

“There are some negotiations that require the governor meets the investors physically in order to buttress the seriousness of his administration in attracting foreign investments to the state. So, it is wrong for the group to conclude that Governor Ayade should be impeached for travelling outside the country to woo investors.”

On the call for the governor to be impeached by the House of Assembly because he has abandoned governance, Akpama urged the group to broaden their knowledge about what the Ayade-led administration stands for.

“The group should have known that institutions — and not individuals — run an administration, and therefore, the absence of Governor Ayade from the state for a period of one month, as they claim, did not in any way stop the government machinery from functioning.

“Does the governor travel with the legislature, the judiciary and other agencies? Even while he is out of the state, the courts function, the House of Assembly functions, and the Executive functions.

“So, how does he abandon the state to collapse? Governor Ben Ayade is not running a one-man show,” Akpama insisted.

3 Responses to It’s wrong to call for Ayade’s impeachment because he goes on regular foreign trips, says politician

  1. Arc.Duke Tabuko says:

    It will be good to tell someone or to advice someone to correct things first before giving a query..Its when the person now fails to change for good,you can now give a query or set up a disciplinary panel to try the person..The governor is a human,so if anyone notice areas he is deficient,the first thing is call his atention to it,once,twice or trice,but he now refuse to pay atention to it,then you now take the next step.So impeachment shouldnt be the first approach.Thats usually the last resort after all other due process avenues has been exployed to no avail.

  2. Ime Inyang says:

    How many investors so far? There\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s nothing wrong in wooing foreign investors but do also encourage indigenous investors.

  3. Wisdom Udo Akpan says:

    Big man’s head with Big headache

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