Relief as lawmaker rehabilitates road, provide bore hole

The residents of Kekereowo, Shobowale and Mopelola in Ilasamaja, Mushin will remain thankful to their representative at the House of Representatives, Hon. Bolaji Yusuf Ayinla for bringing relief and succour to the community last week.

Last week Ayinla who represents Mushin Federal constituency at the House of Representatives commissioned a borehole for residents of Mopelola street and a standard culvert for residents of Kekereowo and Shobowale streets as well as clearing the blocked gutter on the one. Kilometre long Kekereowo street.Thus bringing to an end the lack of potable drinking water in Mopelola and years of flooding on Kekereowo/Shobowale streets and the inability of residents of Shobowale street to access Kekereowo street because of the bad road destroyed by

Thus bringing to an end the lack of potable drinking water in Mopelola and years of flooding on Kekereowo/Shobowale streets and the inability of residents of Shobowale street to access Kekereowo street because of the bad road destroyed by a flood.

With the culvert residents of Shobowale street can now drive in and out of the street through Kekereowo street, a major road linking the area, Ilasa to Mushin and Idi-Araba in Surulere.

20170109_125328Anytime it rains, according to residents, the Shobowale/Kekereowo axis of the road is always flooded and impassable because of blocked drains and lack of proper drainage to channel flood coming from Shobowale street into the gutter on Kekereowo street, a job the residents said was shabbily done by the Chinese firm that constructed the one kilometre long road. The flooding therefor destroyed the road and cut it off from Kekereowo street. But all this has been corrected by the lawmaker and he has also poured asphalt on the Shobowale/Kekereowo streets which had been destroyed by flood before now.

Answering reporters questions on the commissioning of the two projects, the lawmaker who is popularly called BYA said that there are many issues in the various communities needing urgent attention but as a legislator; “I am going to be attending to these issues bit by bit. And it is a challenge to everyone who has the capability to improve on his environment to do so, it doesn’t have to be the government alone, this is part of my contribution to make my communities and my constituents better.

“I have been doing things like this including empowerment and I will continue to do so. And by next month I am going to distribute N20,000 to 600 people in my constituency to assist their trade or to kick start a trade.

“We should always look out for what the communities want and assist them. For me I can not open my eyes to see the communities suffering, I will do everything within my power and capability to give them relief and that is exactly what I am doing again with this two projects I just constructed and commissioned. I am inspired to correct the ills of the society”, BYA said.

While giving God all the glory, Ayinla said he feels good being able to help his constituents, adding that he is able to do what he is doing by the grace of God.

He advised the residents to put to proper use the projects and that they must endeavour to maintain them and if there is any problem with the borehole or the culvert they should report to his constituency office.

He advised that what individuals have they should contribute little of it to the society they live in “because whatever you do you will gain the reward on the day of judgement.

Commending the lawmaker, who he described as a pragmatic leader, for what he has been doing for the constituency and the constituents, the Sole Administrator of Mushin local government, Hon. Yinka Kazeem said he felt happy and delighted on the job the lawmaker did on the road.

He advised the residents to keep and maintain the infrastructure “because the infrastructure belongs to them because we are all government, so we must keep watch and maintain the infrastructure in the community, it is very important”, the Sole Administrator said.20170109_125539

A member of the community who was also the contractor who executed the project, Chief James Osemede described the honourable as a listening representative. He said he called the attention of Ayinla to the bad state of the road. “Shobowale street had been cut-off from Kekereowo street by flood and he agreed to take up the project personally since the local government or state ministry of works was not forthcoming and that was how he took it up”.

Osemede said he feels elated about the job, done and everybody feels satisfied that he is listening to the community. In fact, BYA listens, he attends to people, he empowers people and indeed he has reached out to a lot of people”.

Osemede advised the residents to stop dumping refuse in the drains so as not to block them again and cause flooding that will again submerge and destroy the road.

Another resident, Adeleke Samuel, while thanking BYA said the road was not passable before because the Chinese firm that constructed the road did not divert the water and when it rains the whole road is flooded “but with the construction of the culvert the water now moves through freely and now the road is passable. He describes the lawmaker’s gesture as fantastic as it has brought succour to the people and it will also improve the economic activities of the people”, he said.

Thanking BYA for providing residents of Mopelola street with bore hole, a community member,  Gbolahan Olusoji said the community has been longing for a bore hole for a couple of years and the honourable promised that he would give us one during his campaign if we vote for him and he has actually done it, he has fulfilled his promise.

He said the community is delighted with the provision of the bore hole and appealed that their represents should continue to provide them with dividends of democracy.

He advised the community to be security conscious and to protect every project that is being constructed in the community because it will benefit everybody. “The project is for us and we should protect it consciously”, he advised.

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