Edo State

Map of Edo StateExecutive Governor
Godwin Obaseki
Coat of Arms
Official Website: http://www.edostate.gov.ng
Population: 3,218,332 (2006 Estimate)     Alias: Heart Beat of Nigeria

Local Governments
Esan North-East
Esan Central
Esan West
Ukpoba Central
Etsako Central
Ovia SouthWest
Ovia South-East
Etsako East
Esan South-East
Political Map of Edo State of NigeriaGENERAL INFORMATION
Edo State was created out of former Bendel state in AUgust 27, 1991 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. It's capital is Benin City.

Situated in the mid south west of the country, Edo State covers 17,802 square kilometres. 
Edo state is home to several ethnicities, among them the Otuo, Bini, Esan, Akoko, Igarra, Ora, Ijo and Afemai. The state is renowned for its proficiency in sports and athletics and a culture of intellectual edification and scholastic excellence.

Edo State shares boundaries with three other states of the federation. It is bounded on the north and the east by Kogi State, on the west by Ondo State and on the south by Delta State. Generally, it is a low-lying area except in the north where it is marked by undulating hills. The main towns in the state are Benin, capital of the ancient Benin kingdom which is also the state capital, Ubiaja, Auchi, Ekpoma and Uromi.

Edo State is endowed with abundant natural resources. The principal mineral resources include crude oil, natural gas, clay chalk, marbles and limestone .

Agriculture is the predominant occupation of people in this State. The major cash crops produced are rubber, cocoa and palm produce. In addition, the State produces such crops as yams, cassava; rice, plantains, guinea-corn, and assorted types of fruits and vegetables.

Industrial enterprises in the State include Bendel Cement Company, Okpella, Bendel Brewery, Benin City, Bendel Pharmaceutical PLC, Benin City, and Bendel Feed and Flour Mills, Ewu. Other small-scale industries abound.

Tourist attractions span the expanse of the state. Examples are the Emotan statue in Benin city and the Somorika hills in Akoko Edo. Somorika hills consist of an extended expanse of hills crowned by massive boulders perched precariously on the summits of hills and alongside seemingly inadequate locations on the sides. 

Edo State has a rich cultural heritage. Benin City, the state capital is famous for its unique bronze, brass and ivory works of arts which are found all over the world in museums. 

The Royal Palace of Benin, Benin Museum, Benin Moat (Iya), Emotan Status, Somorika Hills in Akoko-Edo are also tourist attractions. Others are Udo Tourist Centre in Esan East local government area and Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary near Benin City.


Benin Moat
Benin Museum
Emotan Statue
Okomu National Park
Ososo Tourist Centre
Royal Palace of Benin
Somorika Hill
Igue Festival
Iko Festival
Ikhure Festival
Irhua Festival
Isiokuo Festival
Ivbamen Festival
Obazu Festival
Ukpe Festival
Ugivie Festival
Ugioro Festival