3 Main Brands Of Sunglasses from Jiji

In the modern world it is already not enough to wear an elegant suit, a nice blouse and skirt, or a T-shirt and jeans. Now it is required if the business suit is supplemented with a nice stylish hat and brandy sunglasses. A blouse and skirt must be completed with a nice fashion scarf. And a T-shirt and jeans will look best with a nice leather belt and a small purse with a long shoulder strap. The variety of clothing accessories on Jiji is enormous that one is easy to get lost which type, shape, and brand to choose. But we are here to help you with picking up the most quality and reliable ones, and all of them are easily reachable.



Apart from selling perfumes and watches, this Italian brand is also famous for its clothing accessories production, such as belts and sun glasses. Gianni Versace would never come up with an idea to expand Versace Group to the creation of belts and sun glasses if not his younger sister Donatella who appeared to possess an exquisite fashion taste. Moreover, she has managed to discover what are the modern consumer needs, that is the clothing accessories. This made Versace a more profitable brand and has led it to a quality higher level in the world fashion industry.


Christian Dior


This post World War II French fashion design has become so much widely popular that its legacy continues to influence the fashion industry until nowadays. Together with fragrances, make up, cosmetics, and skin care products Christian Dior is also famous for the production of clothing and clothing accessories. The main clothing accessory are the sun glasses, which are necessarily to be polarized. The styles selection choice represents such its variations as aviation, butterfly, cat-eyed, mirrored, round, square, and trim. So it doesn’t matter what facial type you have got, it is impossible to not find the sun glasses that will fit you best amongst the Christian Dior collection.


Ray Ban

Ray Ban

If you are asked of what sun glasses are the most fashionable ones, the first brand name that comes to your mind is certainly Ray Ban. This iconic brand has been carving its place in the world of eyewear and its sunglasses are widely adored both among celebrities and public figures and among the simplest Earth inhabitants. Anyone who cares about fashion and wants to be greeted as a man of style, has to have a pair of Ray Ban in his/her collection. Moreover, Ray Ban is not about fashion look only – these sun glasses are also very qualitative ones. Their wrap-around frame construction is fashioned from seven layers of lightweight carbon fibre, making the glasses durable and extremely flexible to resist accidental damage. The lenses have similar ground-breaking features. Created from polycarbonate and crystal, these lenses with superb polarisation capabilities, as well as natural high-definition color vision, have a special reflective coating to eliminate glare, and enhanced UV protection.

No matter what brand of sun glasses you choose, be aware they all are easily to be found on Jiji – the largest online marketplace in Nigeria. Moreover, the prices will never make you think twice before purchasing a pair of these high quality sun glasses.


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