Leverage Conference 2016 (Brace Up!)

LEVERAGE is nation building event. Our mission with this conference is to empower (young) leaders, teach them to maximize their potentials and in turn raise patriots.

Our vision is to become formidable platform that inspires the mind of Nigerians to live their full potential, teach principles of personal leadership that empowers Nigerians with strategies that will help them be intentional in the fulfilment of their dreams and be committed to the transformation of the nation.

Leverage Conference 2016 (Brace Up!)
With the pressing challenges in Nigeria economy, young people with great ideas, and solutions of impact will be faced even with greater resistance than ever before to break through to success. So we are bringing to them a message of hope and courage this year as we tell Nigeria to brace up and stay focused on our dream of a better Nigeria.

Admission is free.

For more info about our line of speakers and registration visit. www.leverageng.com


Sat, October 15, 2016

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

University Of Ibadan

Student Union Event Center

Ibadan, Oyo


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  1. Adegoke says:

    A right and brilliant step but what of implementation cum consistency.

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