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Stay in touch with jiji lately has become well-known as one of the best online classified ads not only in Nigeria, but on African continent.

It provides every user with a chance to find things of high quality at low price by offering used things in a good keep. However, anyone hardly relate it with people supporting and improving the service daily.

  • is based in Lagos, the center of Nigerian life.
  • The local team of over 200 employees is responsible for the service functioning.
  • Moderation, Sellers Verification, Loyalty and Sales Dept teams provide convenience and ensure optimal shopping time for clients. Every day, they come to Jiji Head Office in Lagos to process new requests and meet new customers, to make sure everyone is a real person with good intentions.
  • While online shopping on Jiji is simple for you, Jiji Team has to deal in average with over 500 requests per day and hundreds of new ads, the majority of which are moderated in less than an hour.

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What makes Jiji different from the great number of similar services is close cooperation with users.

  • We are not going to keep in secret information about where jiji is located in Lagos.
  • contact address is available on the website along with phone number and the full list of contacts.
  • Send your emails to Average response time via email, FB messenger, or other apps and networks, amounts to 5-10 minutes during working hours.
  • You are always free to use Jiji contact number and specify everything that seems unclear.

Jiji customer care line, the key support service, proves that everybody will be heard and will get proper assistance. With Jiji, online shopping becomes more than secure.



One more thing you should know about Jiji is how similar Jiji is to a market. With, contact other users and support whenever you feel like and do not worry to disturb anyone.

And do not forget about Jiji App the most convenient way to keep track on new offers and ads and stay in touch with the top shopping service.

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  6. godson miracle chidera says:

    pls i have tried sending an email but to no avel i want to inform jiji that someone haked my account and it was the same jiji officer that open it for me becouse he and he alone asked me to send my password and email for futher upgreading after i changed the fomer passwork he used to open it,i am the owner of (EL-HILL GLOBAL RESOURCES) I also have the recipt for the booster i paid for all those goods are in my shop. Please

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