How technology can change the way we live and work

“Enlightened Generation for Enhanced Performance” 

(how Internet Technology can change the way you live and work)

This is a platform created out of the desire to ensure participant learn secret on how technology can change the way they live,work and give them a leading edge in life. There are loads of benefits unknow to individual,enterpreneurs which will be reveals,secrets to enable participants turn their fortunes around in the IT sector,gain ground and get better in life, all these and ore will be unleashed by the IT guru and expert MR GBENGA SESAN.

According to Al jazeera, the social enterpreneur per excellence believes that poverty should not be allowed to deprive any young Nigerian the opportunity to learn all IT skill they need in life.0ne of his books “TakingITGlobal” featured young authors from every continent, the book describes what young people are achiving with Internet Technonoly today and attempt direction of the information society.

GBENGA SESAN is the executive director Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), a social enterpreneur that connects undeserved people, groups with ICT enabled opportunity.

Be a part of this LIFE CHANGING EVENT October 22nd 10am at TREM AKOKA and gain insiders knowledge to navigate your way to a well deserving life,getting better in all ramification in life, no doubt Gbenga has made is mark and can mentor young people  to stardom in the sector.


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  2. Victor Amobichukwu says:

    Please sir how can i participate in your lectures am in PH

  3. ojo smart says:

    Well done sir, please how can I participate in your lectures I am in Dp

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