10 things you must lose to move forward

There are so many things we are supposed to do every day but we don’t do.  Also, there are the things we ought to have stopped doing but we wouldn’t just stop. We find it really hard to let go because it is dear to us. We find solace in doing it and it gives us the joy and consolation we ever wanted. However, this is called the comfort zone and it’s a time bomb we ignore which will come to hurt us. If time is not a function of life, it might not matter. These may not be harmful now, definitely, they will soon be.

#1 Allowing other people’s opinion to matter more than yours

This is self-explanatory and a really bad thing to deal with. You are in control of yourself, why should other people’s input be more important than yours. It is good you listen to the opinion of others, but it should just matter for what it is and not necessarily how it must be. Most times, the people that give the best opinions don’t even use it in their own lives, why should your own life be a laboratory rat for experimentation.

#2 Shame of Past Failures

You keep brooding over the failures of yesterday while today is almost wrapped up and tomorrow will be here. What do you plan to live on tomorrow when you are not even through with the worries of yesterday, not to talk of today. Failures are nothing but challenges. No one moves to the next class or next stage of life without examination. Failures are to make you and not mar you. So gather up yourself and let the past go so that you can live in the present.

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#3 Being Indecisive about what you want

Why would you never be resilient about your decisions or what you want. Anybody can just come from anywhere and change your opinion or decision. That shows weakness and low emotional intelligence. You should be able to make decisions and stand by it. Know exactly what you want and stop gallivanting or fantasizing about things not within your reach.

#4 Procrastinating your goals

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the next best time is now. So why still thinking if you should take that decision when you should almost be through with the process already. You have done enough thinking, take the steps, act the words. Weigh your options and see where you would have been if you have started a year ago. Leave thinking and start acting. It’s either you change things or things change you.

#5 Choosing to do Nothing

You have no choice on when you are going to die or how you are going to die, but can decide how you are going to live. The worst moment of one’s life is when one is inactive. What will people remember you for when you are gone. You have to get out of that bed and start doing something. Enough of your complains, they don’t move one far.

#6 You are not fallible

People around you have learnt to ignore you when you are wrong. They prefer not to correct you because you will become bitter. You are thick and resistant to correction. You believe you must be right and no one’s opinion should override yours. Have you forgotten every man is mortal and we can all make mistakes. Learn to appreciate people that correct you, they only want you to be better. Those that don’t correct you or tell you when you are wrong are your enemies.

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#7 Running from Problems

How long can you run from your breakthroughs. Have you forgotten you live to fight another day. No one leaves this world alive. The fear of death has actually killed so many before they died. Face the problems and fix it. Stop looking for a way to escape every difficulty, it only makes it more difficult. If you don’t break, you can’t be through.

#8 Excuses rather than Decisions

People rather not involve you in any decision-making process than come to you to hear your excuse. Your bag is full of excuses. Most of the time, you give reasons why a thing can never be done. You always see the dull part of the cloud, not the silver lining. You always see a tunnel but no light. Now drop that habit of expecting things to be easy just for you to pass. If it was that easy, everyone would have passed before it would reach your turn. There wouldn’t be any position for you to fill. In essence, always see the positive part of things and not the negative.

#9 Overlooking the positives

You have never for once appreciated the position you are currently, rather, you prefer to be ahead of people around you and even occupy their positions. You are never going to go far with such behavior. Learn to appreciate the position you currently are. See the reasons why that position is ok for you at that moment, and work to leave there for a better place.

#10 Appreciate your little Beginning

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No one builds a house from the roof. The only way to up is down. You can’t climb a ladder from the top. You start from the base. So it’s good you start small and start now. Despise not your humble beginning. It only takes time to multiply and it will definitely. Do not relent. Take your present position serious so as to be positioned for a greater one.



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