6 Approach shots and strategies every golfer needs to master

6 Approach shots and strategies every golfer needs to master

Golf may seem like a relaxing sport, but for those who really love to play the game, golf can be at times anything but relaxing. Whether it is your first time on the green or you are on your way to the PGA’s everyone can learn a little something about hitting that perfect shot. We will take a look at the different types of approach shots that you can use to help become the best golfer on the course.

When it comes to golf, there are many different kinds of shots you can use to help get your ball closer to the hole. One type of shot is called the approach shot. The approach shot is a shot that is under to get the ball closer to the green and closer to the whole. When you are using an approach shot you will most likely be using an iron club.


Approach shots are used for holes that are generally over a par 3 because those holes tend to have a shorter distance from Tee off. That means that your first shot is technically the approach shot on a hole that is less than a par 4.  In order to complete an approach shot using a driver, you must make sure you hit the ball with enough power to reach the green. If the hole is under 200 yards you should have no problem mastering this if you are a pro. If you are not a pro, this can be a bit more difficult, but it is still very doable with some practice. Make sure you select the proper club and work on perfecting your accuracy on this shot to ensure it lands right on the green.

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Hybrid Chip

This is a type of approach shot that you must learn to master if you are ever wanting to become a pro. This shot involves standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. When you swing, you should make sure you do not extend the club past 45 degrees and you should hit the ball with medium force. This will send the ball towards the hole with a low trajectory. These types of shots are best used when there are few obstacles in the way.

High Pitch

This type of approach shot should be used when there are obstacles between your ball and the green. The High Pitch approach shot will give the ball a high trajectory that will clear any obstacles that may cover the ground.  This approach shot involves hitting the golf ball. To really master this shot make sure you place some of your body weight under your front foot as this will allow you to essentially scoop the ball high into the air and will give you the best chance of hitting that perfect high pitch shot.

Chipping from Thick Grass

If you find yourself needing an approach shot to get out of thick grass, you will want to consider using a steeper swing and a club with a higher loft. This will allow you to hit the ball hard enough to get it out of the grass and also high enough to clear any low reeds that may be in the way. According to this Hit more green guide by the Left Rough, you should use an iron with a good wedge to make sure the ball gets enough height to clear the long grass. If you use a club that is flat, you may have trouble getting the ball back onto the fairway.

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Chipping out of a Sand Trap

Chipping out of the sand can be a very difficult shot that even the masters have trouble with sometimes. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in the sand you should make sure you use your sand trap wedge. This is the heaviest club in your bag, it will help you get out of the sand trap. You need to make sure you hit the ball low enough that the ball will have enough lift to clear the sand trap.

Curve Shot

Another kind of approach shot is the curve shot. This shot is similar to the hybrid chip extent that it adds a little more lift and a whole lot more of a curve to your shot. This shot is best used when there is a large obstacle in front of you like a tree or if you are making a difficult shot into the wind. The curve shot should be hit with a mid to high trajectory. If you can master this shot, then you will be well on your way to impressing your friends on the golf course. Golfing can be a difficult sport to master, but with the right gear and right patience, you will be on your way to swinging like a pro in no time. Make sure you remember all the different kind of approach shots and when you can use them on the course to your benefit. It is important to remember that the Hybrid Chip is a low trajectory shot that should be used when there are few obstacles between you and the hole. On the other hand, you may use the high pitch approach shot when there are too many obstacles between you and the green. What kind of approach shot you use will ultimately be up to you. Make sure you use the proper shots during each situation and you will be a golf master in no time.

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