6 Proven Dental Marketing Ideas To Drive More Patients To Your Dental Practice.

Dental hygiene is important for us all, even though most people tend to ignore taking care of their teeth. The industry has always shown promise and success, which is why competition is fierce in that line of work. If you’re an aspiring dentist and you want to attract more people to your dental practice or clinic, then you should follow these 6 important dental marketing ideas to help you succeed.

1- Working on Your SEO Strategies

This is crucial to get you the positive traffic and exposure you need through your website. A good SEO campaign  is perfect for getting the local community to see your dental office on top of the search engine list because of your high ranking. You need to have proper backlinks and strong keywords placed on suitable platforms that relate to dentistry or medicine, making your dental clinic get a lot of possible patients because you’re the first choice that pops up for them on their screens. Your SEO plans will be a lot smoother if your website is compatible with mobile phones as most people search for things on their smartphones, making you get better results too.

2- Utilize Social Media

This is another way to attract more patients. We are already immersed in the digital world, so it wouldn’t hurt to practice marketing methods that can reach people from different platforms that they already use. It’s crucial to create relevant posts and content that have useful information and attractive posts that keep people engaged. You need to connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s considered to be one of the best ways to get more people and potential clients; building a community that trusts you and would stay loyal to you for many years to come.

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3- Geofence Method

Technology can really help your dental clinic in many ways to attract people. One of these ways is the Geofence marketing technique. People with smartphones and tablets would get notifications via text, that your office is nearby; this happens through GPS tracking systems that can locate people that walk close by your clinic, luring them in if they were interested and want to book an appointment. Also, you could offer a discount for the first few appointments you go to — this will probably get a lot more people interested, and you’d get better results from this method.

4- Email Marketing System

This method might be old and outdated, but it’s still one of the best ways to connect with people; it has great conversion rates and its automated and tailored specifically for each patient. Most people nowadays love the idea of communicating via email. The researchers at MedCity stated that 90% of patients want better and frequent email communication from their dentist. It’s very helpful for them because you send them news, progress, appointment reminders, and tips to have better dental hygiene.

5- AdWords or Pay-Per-Click Advertisements   

Another way where you can utilize the digital world is through Google AdWords which basically allows you to display your ads for people who searched for specific keywords that relate to your dentist’s office. It’s perfect for location-based keywords that can reel people in to your doorstep, increasing the percentage of traffic, leads, and appointments taken. So this is your chance to highlight some decent offers when you use descriptions or headlines, explaining what sets you apart from your competitors to get people more invested in your clinic.

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6- The Value of Content Marketing 

This is similar to pay-per-click ads but the difference is that it doesn’t focus on location-based keywords, so your opportunities would be a lot higher. Many orthodontists don’t know the importance of content marketing; you will be able to use e-books or content from blog posts to make people visit your website. The main goal here is to attract them to you, build good relationships, and then strengthen that relationship when they decide they want you as their dentist. You can increase your overall traffic and exposure this way, making your ranking higher along the way which leads to more people visiting your site.  Marketing has always made businesses and industries prosper and succeed, spreading awareness and increasing their customers. It’s the same for the dentistry sector; more patients means more success and profits. The possibility of greatness is a lot higher when you follow these steps. You will see a big difference in your leads and appointments, making you earn a lot of profits and have loyal patients that continue to come to you.

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