AFN president allays IAAF sanction fear after Gusau suspension

The interim president of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Mr. Olamide George, dispelled the fear that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) could sanction the country after the suspension of Ibrahim Gusau.

Gusau is the president of the Nigeria Athletics Federation (APN), which was suspended Tuesday by eight of the 13 members of the association’s board of directors for alleged violation of the federation’s constitution. The council also accused Gusau of refusing to pay subsidies to athletes, coaches and officials in major international competitions.

He also accused her of having reached an agreement with the sportswear manufacturer PUMA, without the knowledge and approval of the board of directors or the secretary general who is the custodian of the documents, files and assets of the federation.

In an interview with NAN on Wednesday in Abuja, George said due process had resulted in Gusau’s suspension and there was no faction in the council. He also noted that the Board had decided to establish a committee of five to investigate the circumstances that led to the suspension of Gusau and inform the Board at its next meeting.

As long as we respect the constitution, the government code and according to the rules, we cannot be banned. If you’re talking about faction, you have to look at the numbers. We have eight members here and how much we are on the board, you have to consider that.

“Solomon Ogba, chairman of the board, has resigned, technical director Sunday Adeleye has been called by the ministry; how much do we have left,” asked George.

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He congratulated the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Mr. Sunday Dare. to pay the balance of $ 135,000 paid in error to the AFN account by the IAAF in 2017.

George also congratulated Dare for providing the necessary funds for Nigeria’s participation in the IAAF World Athletics Championships, held in Doha from September 27 to October 6, and prayed for the continued support of APN.

Recall that on December 2, the Nigeria Athletics Federation (AFN) was involved in another $ 150,000 scandal, a grant received from World Athletics, formerly the International Athletics Association (IAAF). The grant, according to a reliable source, was intended to help the federation organize the XXI African Athletics Championships held in Asaba in August 2018, but was not found. The athletic body, the AFN, was involved in a scandal of excessive payment of subsidies that was recently returned to the world athletic body by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development A board member, who asked for anonymity, said the scandal involved $ 150,000 that World Athletics had sent to help AFN prepare for last year’s championship.

“The money has not yet been counted and the members of the board of directors of the Federation of Athletics of Nigeria (APN) will try to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding this money when they meet on Tuesday in Abuja.” The money went through an inappropriate channel, the AFN secretariat had no proof of payment.

“The results reveal that the money was paid in a private account, which would not have been possible without the authorization of the president or secretary general of the APN,” he said.

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The source also revealed that NPC leaders have also committed numerous crimes, including details of the federation-approved contract with the kit manufacturer, PUMA, which is kept secret.

“The insinuations are legion: the former president of the APN, Mr. Solomon Ogba, could be called by his constituency, the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.” “Ogba was appointed at the last minute to replace former Olympian Ahmed Adio, who will now take the position ex officio on the board. Ogba has so far not been inaugurated, while another 12 have been inaugurated in July 2017. “The officials of the Ministry of Sports insisted that he was originally selected for the position and that the Minister of Youth and Sports Development would inaugurate him.” Many of them believe that justice should be done, even if it is delayed more than two years. The alleged reorganization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports could take place this week, “he said.

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