Best language translator Apps for travellers

The major problem travelers encounter all over the world is the language barrier. The just concluded world cup in Russia attracted people from all over the world and the funny thing is Russia is not even an English speaking country ! So how do people who traveled to the country were able to communicate ? Well, If you understand English language I suggest you count yourself very lucky because it is a very versatile language. Anywhere in the world you go you must find people who understand English language but that doesn’t mean you won’t come up short when travelling to a foreign non-English speaking country. You might want to board a cab and the driver doesn’t understand English and you don’t understand his language.

Well worry no more, we have reviewed the best language translation app you need so you don’t have to worry. No need to worry about finding a translator, with these apps installed in your gadgets just embark on your journey with confidence because they have you covered. Most of these apps are available for offline use so no need to worry about internet connection.


Available on Playstore and Apple store as well, Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. This app has been breaking the language barrier fot over 10 years and it’s learning method has only got better over the years. Google has made it’s technology available to developers all around the globe via a public API, which means more savvy translation tools than ever before. It can listen to your voice in addition to reading text. This is the best translation app in the world right now.

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2. TRIPLINGO: Talk like a local.

ripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travelers. Learn essential phrases (in four slang levels!), instantly translate your voice or connect to a live translator, get a crash course on the local culture and so much more- all in the app, TRIPLINGO is more than just a translator, TripLingo is a full service travel app aimed at minimizing the language gap while traveling abroad. It offers instant voice- and text-based translations in 42 languages, plus guidelines on local customs so you don’t misbehave and fall victim. Lol. The best feature of this app is feature is the “receipt translation”, which uses your phone’s camera to convert snapshots of sales slips into the language of your choice; it saves the translated versions in PDF formats. Most of it’s features are free however if you want the premium features, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $20 (about N7,500).

3. Microsoft Translator

This app is a MUST HAVE. Microsoft Translator live is a free translation and transcription service that let’s you have translated conversations across multiple devices on iOS, Android and Windows of course. It has over 60 languages and the app was surprisingly accurate. Best of all? It’s free. What I don’t really like about it is that it has only 40 languages for offline use.

4. WAYGO: Best for Asian countries

Whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc Waygo has you very much covered on Android, iPhone and Windows. Waygo is the award winning leader in visual translation services, your offline travel translator and dictionary app for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. app is uniquely capable of interpreting sentences, whether they’re displayed vertically or horizontally, and it can translate any image from your camera. Most of Waygo’s features are offline by default, so there’s no need to worry about data charges. All this makes it well worth the price tag, which starts at $7.99. It’s not a free app but it’s worth the money.

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5. iTranslate

Turn your smartphone into a translator with iTranslate, I love it very much because of it’s dictionary app capabilities. Easily translate text, websites, or start voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. For me this app is the smartest language translation app in the World right now. It’ll give you text-to-voice translations in a multitude of male and female voices. Most travelers will feel comfortable with the free app, but an upgrade to Pro is required for offline translation in 33 languages. The $4.99 monthly subscription also provides in-app website translation. This app is a little bit biased because it offers special feature for iPhone users like the “object recognition” feature which identifies items and suggests their local name. It’s a free app but the Pro version costs a $5 monthly subscription. All the juicy features are all embedded in the PRO version.


Source: TechCapon

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