Can Emotional Intimacy in Marriage Plug the Holes Drilled by a Fizzling Sex Life?

Think back and ask yourself when was the last time you connected with your partner? If your sex life is fizzling out, your lack of emotional connection to your spouse may be the reason why.

After a few years of marriage, it’s normal for your sex life to change in frequency, especially if you have just started a family. Stress, exhaustion, and lack of an emotional connection to one’s spouse are often the culprits of a dwindling sex life.

You can fix your floundering sex life by enhancing emotional intimacy in relationships. Here are the top tips on creating an emotional connection to your partner and how it will help ignite the passion in your bedroom.

How Emotional Intimacy Can Improve Your Sex Life

It Increases Love

Studies show that acts of emotional intimacy and physical touch such as a hug or spooning together while watching TV can actually promote the release of the bonding hormone called oxytocin.

This wonder-hormone makes you and your partner feel closer in your marriage and boosts those “lovey-dovey” feelings for one another that often lead to sex.

Emotional Intimacy Promotes Trust and Vulnerability

The only way you can truly let your inhibitions go during sex is to have a partner you’re not afraid to be vulnerable with. By deepening your bond of emotional intimacy, you and your spouse build trust together which makes you feel more comfortable trying new things or getting wild in the bedroom.

It Opens the Lines of Communication

Studies show that the more sex you’re having, the more likely you are to verbalize your love for your partner.

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Connecting emotionally involves sharing experiences, thoughts and feelings. This promotes trust, love, and stimulates a deeper bond. This is a healthy benefit of emotional intimacy because the more you communicate with your spouse, the more satisfying your sex life will be.

How to Increase Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy in relationships is essential for maintaining a happy, healthy, communicative partnership.  These amazing qualities can help you and your spouse reignite your sex life. Here are 8 simple ways you can build a deeper connection to your partner.

  1. Learn Something New Together

One great way you can boost emotional intimacy in your relationship is by learning something new with your spouse.

Learning an instrument, language, or sport together is exciting. It reminds you that you have a friendship as well as a romantic bond. Most importantly, taking up a new hobby will force you and your spouse to rely on each other emotionally and physically. Doing this can create a deeper connection in your marriage.

  1. Continue to Do the Little Things

One great way to build and maintain emotional intimacy in your marriage is to continue doing the little things. You know what we’re talking about – those little things you used to do at the beginning of your relationship to make your partner feel special. These may include:

  • Opening the door for your spouse
  • Bringing them flowers/baked goods “just because”
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Having spontaneous moments of physical intimacy

Doing these things can inspire intimacy and appreciation in your relationship. This is great because appreciation is one of the largest indicators of overall relationship satisfaction.

  1. Have a Regular Date Night
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Having a regularly scheduled date night is a great way for you and your spouse to connect both emotionally and physically. Use this night to build sexual anticipation or to reconnect after a long, busy week.

You can also use your date night to make exciting plans for the future. Whether you’re looking to travel the world or start a family, making plans together can inspire a connection to your spouse.

  1. Put Your Phones Away

It’s hard to feel close to your spouse when they are constantly checking their phone and responding to texts when you’re trying to spend quality time together. This action can make you feel neglected. It can also make you feel like communicating as a couple isn’t important enough for your partner to give it their full attention.

These hurt feelings aren’t entirely unwarranted, either. Studies show that even the mere presence of a cell phone can result in diminished attention and poor task-performance.

You increase emotional intimacy when you and your partner put your phones away, especially during date night. Greet each other in the morning before checking your phone. Another great idea is to make phones a no-no during sexy-time or ban them from the bedroom completely.

Some couples choose to spend 30-minutes each day with their phones turned off so that they can spend time talking and communicating without interruption.

Following any one of these suggestions will help you and your spouse show each other that your company is better than the latest app.

  1. Be Playful

Being playful with your spouse can help build emotional intimacy in relationships. Play sports, card games, board games, or pick up a video game. You’ll be surprised at how much closer you feel to your spouse once you make playtime a regular part of your relationship.

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Playing together can also be stimulating to the brain and the body, which can do wonders for your fizzling sex life.

  1. Offer Your Help

It could be that your sex life is on hiatus because your partner is feeling too stressed to think about being intimate. One way you can deepen emotional intimacy and relieve your partner’s stress is by helping out. Do the dishes or laundry, take care of the little ones, or offer to fill up your spouse’s car.

Anything you can do to make their day feel a little bit easier is going to do wonders for your relationship happiness. Sometimes just offering to help can make your partner feel closer and more appreciative of you.

Do you feel like your sex life has taken a hit in your marriage? Emotional intimacy in relationships is essential for a strong connection to your spouse. Sharing in new experiences, exploring your playful side, and having a regular date night can help improve your sex life as well as your marital happiness.

Author Bio: Rachael Pace is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and

helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world,

offering effective and efficient solutions for healthy and successful relationships. She is a

featured writer for Marriage.com, a reliable resource to support healthy happy marriages.

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