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Cisco 200-301 Exam: What are major changes in Cisco CCNA certification and how practice tests can help you earn it?

Since 2019, millions of tech specialists across the world have waited for the release of the new set of Cisco credentials. And one of the most anticipated updates is If you’re one of the many individuals who raised an eyebrow with the Cisco renewals that were materialized on February 24, 2020, this article can help you understand the transition. So, what are the changes to the ever-popular certification program? How do you earn the new CCNA badge? Are practice tests helpful in preparation? Before we answer your questions, let’s have a quick recap of the reasons why Cisco has to alter its top-rated curriculum.

Rationality behind Drastic Revamp of Cisco Certs

Cisco is a major source of IT badges since 1984. With their decades of experience, they have supported millions of IT specialists to reach their dreams. And being in the certification business for so long, Exam-Labs Pass Cisco CCNA 200-301 acknowledges that the tech industry is radically shifting towards role-based jobs and more technology-driven functions. These include modern-day technologies like software-defined networking. Because of this trend, it has resulted in the decline of demand for hardware devices such as routers and switches. With that in mind, Cisco has to modify its training programs and credentials to reflect the advancing tech trends and to interweave the needs of the people.

Big Changes in CCNA Program

CCNA has always been part of CCIECisco’s most loved certification paths. So, it’s relatively important to know what are the amendments made to this illustrious, associate-level badge track.

  • It replaces the older CCNA specializations
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One of the most relevant modifications in the CCNA track is the retirement of the older credentials on this level. For many years, CCNA mainly revolved around Routing & Switching, Cloud, Data Center, and Collaboration, among others. On top of the said certifications, the newly fangled badge also replaces the CCDA path. Consequently, Exam-Labs Pass Cisco ENWLSD 300-425now presents a unified version of these vital areas, while integrating the technical skill sets required by employers. With the replacement of the core specializations, this steers towards more drastic adjustments to the program.

  • It entails one foundational certification exam

To substitute the older set of the CCNA specialty exams, here comes a new, single assessment named Cisco 200-301. This test brings together all the essential networking terminologies and concepts that broaden your IT understanding. Because of its eclectic networking scope, this is highly relatable to anyone who wants to pursue an associate-level tech position. Moreover, the new CCNA program readily prepares IT specialists for a successful networking career.

  • It provides more networking-related features

Another substantial alteration to the CCNA certification exam is the addition of security topics. As a result, this badge will not just unlock your networking knowledge but also your security comprehension. The valuable areas incorporated into 200-301 exam include security fundamentals, network programmability, and automation. Additionally, it covers significant IP features such as connectivity, services, and access.

New CCNA 200-301 Assessment

Even with the major changes, there are still no formal requisites for your CCNA. This means that you can take the certification exam as long as you have a keen understanding of Cisco solutions, IP addressing, and related technologies. Ideally, Cisco recommends you to have a minimum of one year of networking experience. If not, you have the option to start with the entry-level CCT badge, or Cisco Certified Technician, which will help you grasp the basics of Cisco networking and such.

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Coming back to Cisco 200-301, this exam takes up 2 hours of your time, answering questions involving vital networking concepts and access features. Along with network topics, this test also addresses basic security functions, automation, IP services, and programmability. All the assessment objectives can be downloaded from the official website. As to the exam format and number of questions, Cisco has always been mum about it, which means you have to prepare well, study smartly, and be ready to accept anything in your main assessment.

Preparation Resources: Options Available

To help you understand Pass Cisco ENSDWI 300-415 Exam in First Attempt Easily, Cisco has come up with its own CCNA course. This is the most detailed training that extensively reflects the required topics. You have several options on how to avail of this course. If you want the supervision of a Cisco expert, you can pick the instructor-led training. If you cannot attend a live session, don’t worry because there’s also a virtual classroom setup. Lastly, if you prefer to study on your own, e-Learning is the best option for you.

However, after completing this course, it would be best to check your level of readiness through doing practice tests. You can find these resources on many websites but remember to look when they were updated because exams’ content slightly changes from time to time. Mock tests are collections of questions and answers that can be used in the special exam-simulating software. Thus, you’ll find out what domains still need your attention, create some answering strategies, and improve your time-management skills.

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Significant Notes to Remember

The first thing that you must know when you obtained your CCNA credential is that it is valid and binding for up to three years. After that, you need to recertify so that you acquire new insights and get familiar with the latest technologies. The Cisco Continuing Education assists you in renewing your badge by providing you with several options. Simply follow the detailed list of requirements on the vendor’s website and make sure to complete everything before the expiration of your current certification.

For those who have earned their CCNA before February 24, 2020, you don’t have to worry because you retain your credential. You will be considered a CCNA holder as long as your badge is still valid. In case your cert is expired, this means you need to go through the recertification process.


The new CCNA and its related Cisco 200-301 exam actually make your networking career more interesting and more favorable. They unseal an array of benefits that is difficult to ignore. So, if you want to get validated by a prestigious organization like Cisco, then make your decision as soon as possible! Remember, that the process is not so hard because you don’t need to meet any prerequisites and there are a lot of training options and practice tests to aid in your preparation for the test. It’s high time for your career goals to come into being!