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College will change you for the better

I had lots of hesitations when the time had come to choose the college. At that time, I had not decided yet whom I want to be when I grow up. My friends applied to at least 5 colleges and had no idea which one to choose. I always wanted to bind my life with linguistics, and so I applied to only one college and got a scholarship.

Looking back, I do not regret a single effort I had put into my education. All those sleepless nights and piles of papers were more than worth it. The reason for that is not only the knowledge I received or the skills I obtained. College life made me who I am. And I can now tell you how college will change you for the better.

College makes you smarter

We all know that knowledge is power. In other words, education makes you more powerful in adult life. Knowledge provides an excellent platform that further will help you evaluate your abilities and talents in various industries.

Thus, you can form skills that will potentially bring you professional success. In college, you will organize all your skills and great theory and practice on your narrow specialty. Some personal statement writing services can help you to write a great CV and cover letter. An opportunity to try to “taste” various subjects can inspire you and help find your real calling. Do you remember how Steve Jobs decided to attend a course on calligraphy and how it changed everyone’s life? College is an enormous horizon of opportunities.

Education enhances your emotional intelligence

An ability to express and control your emotions and to understand, interpret and react to emotions of other people is a key component of success. Scientists call this emotional intelligence. Understanding of psychology, knowledge of laws and rules, ability to communicate and persuade people help to avoid problems and solve them easily if they occur. Moreover, it’s easier to manipulate and use the illiterate people who have no idea about the control of their emotional intelligence.

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Education enhances your confidence

Learning new things provides more confidence in forming and expressing your thoughts, ideas, and attitude. In addition to that, education enhances the level of trust of you as an expert. It changes how people treat you and influences your status.

Education satisfies your ambitions, provides financial stability and enhances self-esteem

There might be a moment in your life when you are dissatisfied with your current job or simply want drastic changes in your career. A college degree offers wider opportunities while searching for a new job. Moreover, you may have offers with higher salaries.

In return, this will help to increase your self-esteem. It proves that you don’t depend on circumstances that much. People with a lower level of education have a worse quality of life than those who have a higher education.

Education is self-perfection

A good education gives us a chance to make us powerful enough to control any situation. It informs us about the standards and laws in the society we live in. College offers us an unbelievable chance to learn how to change the world. It teaches us how to impact those who can bring changes or how to become a changer yourself! It doesn’t surprise me that the leaders of social changes are frequently highly educated people.

A combination of education with your life experience helps us to make hard decisions with a better understanding and sympathy for others. That’s how we change not only our life but also everyone’s around us. 

College life teaches you to overcome difficulties

Life at college can bring a lot of stress. You have to move from your native town, leave your friends, meet new people, share a room with strangers, and absorb new materials like a sponge. Magically, life at college helps you to cope with everything you face.

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You improve your communication skills, learn how to compromise, motivate, and manipulate people. Your tight schedule teaches you to plan everything and accomplish tasks meeting the deadlines. You become independent and you will love it. To tell you the truth, I did not like my college life.

I was angry with piles of tasks, unnecessary subjects I didn’t want to study, and unreasonable teachers. I hated that I was late for parties because I was finishing my papers. But when I look back, I realize it was a happy period of my life. College made me who I am now and gave me the most amazing friends. If that’s not the better than what is?