Decompressing emotions with radical acceptance

Unpleasant emotions can be overwhelming and most people would rather ignore them than deal with them. The ignorance with the excuse of dealing with the situations later then leads to accumulated repressed emotions

With the accumulation of the emotions, the pressure becomes too much developing into depression, fits of rage and other uncharacteristic emotional reactions. The problem with this is that it can lead to a nervous breakdown when not dealt with properly and on time.

But instead of waiting for the unpleasant emotions to build up until a time when we have a burst out, it is even better to find ways of decompressing the emotions before they get too repressed. Usually, people react to the emotions by distracting them with other things or repressing whereas others speak them out only in anger. They may be common natural ways of dealing with the feelings but they eventually take a toll on your life and run it for you. A continued pattern of repressing emotions continues indefinitely until a breakdown happens. A nervous breakdown is traumatic, but can have a transformative effect because emotions are released in a short time frame. However, radical acceptance is probably the best way of handling the situations. But how then do you go about decompressing emotions using radical acceptance?

What is radical acceptance?

This is generally the process of allowing the emotions to take effect without feeling a need to change them. When you allow yourself to be in total control of the emotions without resisting them you realize that they actually are not going to kill you like you feared. It is more like facing your fears and realizing that the situation cannot get any worse. When this happens, you will feel more at peace and you will definitely manage to make things better by making the right decisions.

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How to decompress through radical acceptance

  1. Create an environment that is safe to start the decompression process. A quiet environment where you can let emotions take effect is better. The essence of a good environment is to ensure that all the emotions rise without distraction. When doing this, ensure that you do not judge them and instead just observe them.
  2. Try your best not to label the emotions you are trying to drop. Focus more on the sensation occurring in your body as you let the emotions rise and ignore thinking about them. This can be difficult because of any emotional numbness that is present but the more you focus on feeling the emotions the easier it will get to feel them.
  3. When you finally manage to drop all labels and thoughts about the emotions, sit with your feelings without making an effort to change them. When you are in a state where you are not resisting them and not labeling them either, you will realize that they are simply energies playing out in your consciousness and hence it will not matter whether they are there or not.

In radical acceptance, you will realize that there are no limits when it comes to accepting what is happening to you. Patience and surrendering completely to the process run out the emotional pressure and clears the unpleasant feelings that come with the repressed emotions. In the endFree Reprint Articles, you should only be left with a warm feeling and a lesson well learned from the experience. Successfully letting the emotions be at the present moment puts you in a better position to handle other emotions that may arise in future. The more you learn to keep emotions in order the easier it will get to handle situations when unpleasant feelings start to rise.

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Radical acceptance of situations that you cannot change is the best approach in making things better and life more pleasant. Acceptance gives you more control of all situations so you are able to make progress.

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