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How to stop your body from aging

No one is immune to aging, but believe it or not, scientists today have discovered that there are ways you can slow down aging. Even though the way we age can be genetic, there are still some behavioral techniques and habits we can adopt to stop our bodies from aging. It might sound like a sci-fi movie idea, but it’s actually quite doable.

Read on below to understand more about what you can do to feel and look younger.

Make exercise part of your routine

Needless to stay, exercising not only keeps you fit, but it also keeps you young and healthy. Research as shown that including exercise in your fitness regime, even as little as 30 minutes of cardio each day, shaves off years off your age more than those who lead a sedentary life. Exercise strengthens your immune system, your muscles, and your body becomes operates more efficiently. Staying active also keeps your heart rate at an acceptable level, which enhances your body’s circulation and prevents possible clogged arteries. Pick an exercise routine that you’re comfortable with, and you’ll feel younger, healthier, and fitter.

Protect your skin

One of the early signs of aging is saggy skin, and that can be prevented through a number of methods. First off, make sure that you have an iron-clad skincare routine. Make sure that you’re moisturizing, cleansing, and using the necessary products that will protect your skin and keep it supple and radiant. Make sure you’re not overly exposed to the sun and harmful UV rays as well; always leave home after applying SPF cream. Don’t use any self-tanning products or treatments like a sunbed or indoor tanning equipment because they can accelerate the skin’s aging.

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Take advantage of treatments

There are many treatments for your body and skin that can delay the aging process. For starters, a non-surgical skin treatment is recommended by skin care professionals if your skin has become too saggy, and you’re looking to restore it back to its previous radiant self. Most treatments like Profound or CoolSculpting among many others, attempt to rectify how collagen has broken down and stimulate new and elastic skin tissue. There’s no harm in trying any of these treatments because they’re safe; you won’t go under the knife, and speaking to a professional is always essential to understand how the procedure works. 

Avoid destructive vices

It’s easy to develop unhealthy habits and stick to them. Drinking alcohol and smoking regularly, for instance, are habits that accelerate the aging process. Alcohol actually damages your genes and inflames your liver, while smoking drastically affects your lungs, your skin, and your overall health. Not getting enough sleep is also a destructive habit you need to cut back on. Getting enough ZZZs every night is actually good for your mental health as well as your ability to function physically. Your body needs this time to recharge every night and restore your cells back to its healthy form.

Understand what you should eat

Eating habits are also one way that can prevent aging; studies have shown that eating a well-balanced diet and including more greens and fruits in your diet can prevent wrinkles. Eating antioxidants and colorful, natural fruits and veggies can enhance your cognitive abilities in the long run as well as keep your heart healthy – which can improve your longevity. Eating healthy fats like nuts and fish is also key in establishing a healthier and youthful body. Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to reduce inflammation in the body, improve cognitive functions, and repairs cell membranes, all of which will slow down the aging process. Drinking water regularly will also improve how your body and skin functions, and you’ll find fewer wrinkles.

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Keep stress at bay

One of the leading factors of early signs of aging is constantly being stressed. It’s recommended that we manage stress throughout our day as much as we can because when we’re stressed, our adrenalin levels rise as well as our blood pressure, thus leading to a myriad of diseases that can accelerate our aging. Understand how to relax and unwind by developing a more mindful routine; learn to meditate, take a yoga class, or become more mindful of your day and actions. Learn to relax after a stressful day, take trips, and spend time with loved ones. Everyone would like to stop the aging process and remain forever young; however, aging is a natural process that we should embrace. Learning to stop your body from aging means you age in a healthy and natural way; we’ve developed so many vices over the years that have caused us to age unnaturally. There’s no harm in following a routine or two that will prevent us from rapidly aging early and will increase our longevity.