Memorable moments from past Olympics and memories in the making

The Olympic Games are an exciting time for the whole world. Not only are there impressive athletic feats being performed and fierce competitions, the opening and closing ceremonies feature cultural displays that remind us that the Olympics are a global phenomenon. This year, Team Nigeria sent 60 athletes competing in 10 sports.

While taking part in the Olympic Games is reserved for elite amateur athletes, the rest of us can feel more involved by betting on the outcomes of the different events. Following these steps through the Betway registration process will give you access to one of the leading online bookmakers and get you in on the Olympic betting action. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments from Beijing, London and Rio and see what to pay attention to in Tokyo.

At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the world was introduced to the sprinting legend that is Usain Bolt. Not only did Bolt break the world record that he had set in the 100 metres, he also set a new record in the 200 metres! Along with his relay race teammates, Bolt also broke the world record for the 4 x 100 metre relay. His speed was incredible, but the world also fell in love with his smile and charisma. Bolt became an immediate star and international sensation.

There were many great sporting moments at the London Olympics in 2012, including the Brownlee brothers winning gold and bronze in the triathlon, but the most memorable moment was part of the opening ceremony. Nothing can top seeing James Bond and the Queen parachute into the stadium to the gasps and cheers of the spectators present. It was a moment that captured the joy that should be at the heart of the Olympic Games as a time of peace and friendly competition.

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Sadly, the most memorable event from the 2016 Rio Olympics was probably the swimming pools turning green. Days into the event, the pristine, clear water in Rio’s swimming pools began to turn a swampy, smelly shade of green. While the colour change was caused by chemical imbalances rather than something more problematic, it was still unsettling and highlighted the infrastructure challenges faced by host countries.

This year, everyone should be keeping an eye on the newly added events. The International Olympics Committee (IOC) recently decided to give host nations more control over the events. This allows the host nation to add sports that are particularly important to them. This year, Japan has chosen to bring back baseball and to introduce karate. It will be interesting to see which new sports are featured next time too.

Even though they happen every four years, or every two if you count the Winter Games, the Olympics are always new and exciting. Who knows what Paris might hold in 2024?

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