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5 Things you need to do before applying for a new job

5 Things you need to do before applying for a new job

Applying for a new job is a process. You need to give careful thought to it beforehand. Never apply for a job on the spur More »

Get fit without a Gym – advantages of working out at home

Get fit without a Gym – advantages of working out at home

While everyone knows the importance of exercise in general, a lot of people don’t seem to find time to develop a daily fitness routine. They More »

4 Ways to get better sleep

4 Ways to get better sleep

We hated doing it when we were children, as teenagers we did it for endless hours and as adults we can’t seem to get enough More »

A pregnancy diet plan for a healthy pregnancy

A pregnancy diet plan for a healthy pregnancy

Diet plans for pregnant women are important in order for them to ensure the health of their Unborn babies. And a healthy pregnancy diet plan More »

The dangers of social smoking.

The dangers of social smoking.

Are you a low-level or occasional smoker?Let’s see if you are indeed classed as a low-level or occasional smoker. There are three main groups to More »

Blind Dating: 5 Safety Routines You Should Adapt

Blind Dating: 5 Safety Routines You Should Adapt

Technology and social media have certainly made blind dating the most popular way of meeting people and getting into relationships. But as much as these experiences More »

Social media, anxiety and depression in youths.

Social media, anxiety and depression in youths.

“Millenials”, understandably known as “Generation Y”, “The Global generation” or if you like; “Generation Me” (considerably applied to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn More »


4 Things you should consider when planning to create a website for your business

When it’s time to expand to the digital world and let people know who you are and what you have to offer, every business needs a website in order to achieve better awareness and success. There are things you should

Travel tips for the holidays

The holidays are almost upon us. Whether you are travelling abroad or staying closer to home, here are some travel tips to help you save and manage your holiday money. Make a travel budget Have you planned for this holiday

Ten steps to personal freedom

Most of us go through times in our lives when we learn to live inside self- imposed prisons of our own making and sometimes triggered by the way other people treat us. For instance, a low self-esteem can cripple our

Where you are meant to be

Life has many challenges. People go through life facing all kinds of trials and hardships along with, hopefully, a good dose of the better things of life. When you get to the twilight years and the end is more near

How to unlock your hidden creativity.

Maybe you feel just like you’re not a creative person generally, or maybe you merely desire a little a push to get the solution you’re seeking either way, there are many small actions you can take to become more creative.

How to focus on your family during the holidays

The holiday season can be a challenging and hectic time for many of us, particularly when we are hoping to spend a lot of time with family and friends. Because we have so many things we are juggling over the

Discipline in public life

Discipline in public life ensures peace and harmony which in turn offers impetus to the forces of progress and prosperity. No country, big or small, can afford to play duck and drake with the dirty called discipline. All talk of

Easy ways to share and promote your content on social media

How Does Social Media Play a Part in Your Marketing? Social media has grown to epic proportions. If you’re not active on at least 2 social networking sites, trying to get the word out on something you’re working on can

Meditation, visualization and manifestation

A lot of people adopt meditation techniques to relax and keep themselves stress-free. They are now gradually realizing the significance of meditation activities in their daily life. Even doctors accept and recommend it as a good way to treat certain

Timely tips for stepping away from perfectionism

Perfectionism’s roots often lie in early childhood. Today I invite you to explore those roots as you begin to reduce your perfectionism using these 5 friendly tips. We’ll start by looking more closely at the verbal and nonverbal messages you

How to balance your diet and your busy professional life

Balancing your diet and your busy professional life can be a difficult task. Considering how you’re spending most of your time at work, you have little time for your nutrition and diet. But good health is necessary to live; how

Correlations of love and respect

Love is an incomplete word and it cannot persist if you don’t tag it up with respect. Can you imagine loving someone when you don’t respect them? The feeling of love can only flourish when you know how to respect

Seeing life as a game: The mind without remorse

We will inevitably meet individuals who see life as a game. For them, life is pure fun and they will attempt to get as much out of it as they can.  We will inevitably meet individuals who see life as

Breaking the cycle of mistakes

Realizing that when we repeat our mistakes, there is an underlying weakness involved. To break the cycle, we must discover our weaknesses. It is an undeniable truth that we often create our own problems. We make the wrong choices. We

How to overcome codependency in your marriage

Are you married to an addict or someone with deep personal issues? Is your marriage or family life going through a difficult time because of problems, financial concerns, abuse, or caring for a physically or emotionally handicapped family member?  

When do you need an Accountant’s expertise?

Most small business owners prefer to do everything by themselves. The truth is, it is crucial for an entrepreneur to seek expert advice. That means dealing with lawyers and financial advisers when the need arises. Trying to succeed on your

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration

Photography set to reach new heights amid astounding inspiration During May this year international superstar Rihanna made history when she became the first female to launch an innovative brand, known as Fenty Maison, at the LVMH luxury goods collective. Although the

Is an expensive Psychic really any better than a cheap reading?

Psychic readings, right now, are a big part of our culture. They are the modern version of the ancient practice of divination. It’s very important to choose your fortune teller wisely or you will be subjected to scammers. Does it

The top ten life principals of Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the founders of Microsoft. He is also a software engineer, the chairman of Microsoft as well as a philanthropist in the United States. Bill Gates is well-known for his unique capabilities in the business field

Turn your resolutions into reality

“How many times have you sat down and wrote out resolutions; and for some reason or another, those resolutions seemed to disappear as the New Year came and went? Well, this year, you can make a positive impact on your