Practical tips to apply when studying for exams

Exam period comes with a whole lot of tension. Everyone becomes more studious and attend tutorials till late in the night, while hostels become quiet. All these activities do not guarantee success; however, the following tips can help you do well in your exams.

  • Give yourself enough time to study

Don’t start studying for a paper the night before the exam and expect everything to stick, you won’t be able to memorize much or cover enough grounds by morning. Begin preparation several weeks before and try reading to understand not just to answer.

  • Organize your study space

Take out only the necessary books you need to read and ensure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes. Organizing your study space eases the eye and allows you to study without a hassle.

  • Don’t just study, practice!

After hours and hours of studying, don’t just drop the books and leave. You can practice some of the topics you’ve read. Search for tests online on the specific topics or also try answering old exam questions.

  • Plan your exam day in advance

Make sure  have everything you intend bringing along to the exam ready in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Play out the day in your head and put it in an organizer.

  • Rest well before the exam

Get enough sleep the night before your exam. Don’t stay up late studying because you might wake up late and more disorganized. Getting adequate sleep makes you refreshed in time for your papers

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