Proven Ways Addiction Will Make You Poor

Addiction is something that has become very prevalent in today’s society. More and more people are running to addictions to escape the realities and hardships of life while others are just doing it for sheer fun. Addiction has been known to ruin most people’s lives in many different ways. This article explores the different ways in which addiction will make you poor.


Wastage of money

One of the common factors that feature in almost all addictions is wastage of money. Most addictions require financing. Drugs, for instance, are quite expensive to purchase. Gambling, on the other hand, is an expensive behavior to maintain since people tend to lose more than they win. The other way by which people spend money on addictions is through rehab. While a rehab center will be necessary to help an addict get better, their family will have to spend money to do so- money that could have been spent on other projects. This should, however, not discourage anyone to sign up for rehab. Though, you would spend quite some money, the many benefits one can get from signing up for a rehab made it worth the cost. These benefits, in which you can read more here, does not only applies for the addict, but also for the people around him, too.


Other than wasting money, addiction will take most of the addicts time such that he has little or none left to do something constructive. Gambling, for instance, takes most of the addicts time trying to win back money that they had previously lost. It is not uncommon for one to spend a whole night at a casino trying to become an “overnight” millionaire. Alcohol on the other side, will take up most of the drunkard’s time getting and remaining to be drunk. This time that one could have spent doing something constructive.

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Loss of a source of income

All of the above factors will without a doubt affect one’s performance at their place of work. Addictions make people irresponsible since they are slaves to it. Due to the much time that an addict spends on their addiction, they have little of it left for their work. Failure to dedicate the required time to your work will be viewed as a lack of seriousness by your employer or your clients which will put your source of income in jeopardy.

Strained relations

Addiction leads to strained relationships with relatives and family members. It is quite hard for an addict to maintain a healthy relationship due to their irresponsible behaviors. One cannot rely on an addict, this means that might be hard to refer them for a job opportunity. Most people will also be hesitant to give addict money even if they need it for a genuine reason owing to the risk of it being spent to finance their addiction.

The ones listed above are just a few of the many proven ways through which addiction will make one poor. There isn’t a good thing that can result from addiction. For this reason, anyone at the risk of becoming an addict should avoid the factors or situations that might result in this. For those who are already in addiction, they should reach out for help from their relatives and friends. The earlier one deals with addiction, the greater the chances are for getting out of one.

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