The 14 foods that have almost 0 calories and loads of nutrients


We say all the time that healthy food must be eaten a lot to get all good nutrients for the body

So we need to know which they are since they offer antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. Also get them from calories too – healthy ones.


  1. Onion-they are in every recipe and have 40 calories in 100 g and also have flavonoids.
  2. Cucumber– they are loaded with water and hydrate you. In 100 g there is 16 calories.
  3. Celery– zero calorie food, made of water and has 16 calories per 3 oz
  4. Brussels sprouts– this: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are almost no calories, just 43 per 100 g and a good taste too
  5. Apples-high in calories, 52 per 100 g, but also minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants.
  6. Oranges-they have loads of vitamin C and just 47 calories in 100 g
  7. Cabbage-they support our health and prevent cancer. Also helps in weight loss with just 25 cal per 100 g
  8. Zucchini- add it to stir fry or pasta and they are just 17 cal per 100 g
  9. Cauliflower– removes inflammation, stops heart issues and improves digestion, add this to crust for pica and there is just 25 calories in 100g
  10. Kale– good for vitamins and nutrients, fiber, protein and phytonutrients. 49 calories in 100 g. make kale wraps, kale chips and more
  11. Carrot– they keep eyes healthy, blood sugar too and act like diuretic. They are 41 calories per 100 g
  12. Broccoli-great for fibers and protein, also for digestion. In 100 g there is 34 calories,
  13. Asparagus-grill it and you will do it again. Tasty, satiety, 20 calories in 100 g
  14. Watermelon- they are sweet and tasty and have just 30 calories in 100 g. also they have antioxidants for boosting metabolism
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Also add turnips, tomato, lemons, grapes, beet for more benefits.

source: healthyfoodhouse

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