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Tips for finding a job when you already have one

Searching for a new job while you’re already working can sometimes seem like a bit of an uphill struggle. After all, you’re already gainfully employed, and most of your energy goes into producing your best work while in the office. No one wants to come home after a long day in front of a computer screen, only to spend another two- or three-hours searching job boards and sending out resumes.

However, when looking to boost your career, searching for a better job while you’re already working puts you in a strong position. You can afford to be choosy, and only apply for those jobs that you’re really passionate about. You can also take a little more time to perfect your resume and cover letter, giving you the best possible chance of landing that dream job.

So, to get you started, and to make sure your job search doesn’t eat up your entire day, here we take a look at some top tips to help you find a job when you already have one. Read on a push your career to exciting new heights.

Reach Out to Your Network

Perhaps the first step when searching for a job should be to reach out to your existing network. Whether that’s asking trusted colleagues in your existing company about any opportunities they might know about, or speaking to clients or peers in other companies, leveraging the people you already deal with on a regular basis might offer you a referral without ever having to explore the usual routes.

Find a Routine

Routine is important when searching for a new job and setting aside 30 minutes to an hour per day to deal with applications, resumes, cover letters, and emails, as well as searching for new positions is much better than trying to power through it in longer sessions. Spend a little time each day connecting with your network and dealing with the admin side of things, update your LinkedIn profile and resumes, and make sure you answer any emails regarding potential opportunities promptly.

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Schedule Carefully

When it comes to scheduling interviews, you need to be careful about how you balance your current work commitments with your need to leave the office. Constantly relying on “dentist appointments” or some other excuse is likely to ring alarm bells with your existing employer. Wherever possible, try to schedule interviews outside of working hours. Additionally, if the opportunity to take a phone or Skype interview is presented, ensure you take it. Remember, an initial phone interview is your opportunity to vet the company as much as it is the other way around.

Try a Recruitment Agency or Headhunter

If you’re searching for that perfect position, then you might be surprised to hear that some of the very best jobs never make it to the usual jobs boards. Many companies use recruitment agencies or headhunters to identify the best talent around, paying someone else to take care of applications and assess candidates. Signing up to a respected recruitment agency or speaking directly to a headhunter in your industry has the potential to open up previously unexplored avenues in your job search.

Be Careful of the Work Computer

Finally, while it may be very tempting to conduct your job search from your work computer, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Some employers log websites and emails sent in work time, and then there is always the risk of being interrupted by the boss when you are halfway through an application or a job search. The simple truth is, don’t risk your existing position by searching for a new one, either during working hours or using company equipment.