Top Must-visit Football Stadiums in the UK.

The beautiful game of football has become one of the most beloved sports for national and international fans alike. From watching live games to keeping up with the latest football predictions for upcoming games, fans have become extremely proactive when it comes to the sport.

The birthplace of football, England, is a dream destination for passionate football fans all over the world. You get to step-foot on historic grounds and feel closer to your favorite football club.

While there are quite a number of new stadiums in development today, you won’t run out of amazing stadiums to visit. In fact, it’s impossible to visit them all! To help you out, here’s a quick travelling guide on which stadiums are worth the visit.

Stamford Bridge

First on the list is for all you Chelsea fans out there! Stamford Bridge, located in London, houses Chelsea, one of the major clubs in the Premier League. The stadium first opened 1905 and is one of the oldest stadiums in the country. With the capacity for 41,841, viewers can comfortably enjoy the game from any seat.

Although the stadium is old, it is very well-maintained. If you’re looking for a stadium that holds so much significance in the history of football, particularly if you’re a Chelsea fan, the Stamford Bridge is a great option.

Goodison Park

One of the oldest stadiums in the UK, Goodison park has been home to Everton football club since 1892. What makes Goodison Park unique is that it is the only stadium in this lineup located in a residential area. About two kilometers from Liverpool’s city centre, this stadium has lived through historic football memories.

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While Goodison Park has been Everton’s home for decades, the football club are in talks of finding grounds to play in. If you get the chance to stop by, it’s definitely worth it!


Well known for not only hosting Premier League championships but also historical performances from the likes of the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Live Aid, the Wembley Stadium is definitely a must-visit. Opened in 1923, the grounds of the stadium have been stepped on pop-icons for decades.

Reebok Stadium

The Reebok Stadium may not be impressive in size but it is one of the most architecturally brilliant stadiums in the country. Located in Bolton, the stadium is home to the Bolton Wanderers. When it comes to being multipurpose, the Reebok Stadium has it all. Providing a spacious conference centre, an indoor arena with awesome non-restricted views, spectators can comfortably enjoy the game with no intrusions.

Opened in 1997, the Reebok Stadium is one of the most well-loved arenas and could easily be a world-class stadium had it not been for its size. Overall, the Reebok stadium offers one of the best experiences.

Old Trafford

In contrast to the Reebok Stadium, the Old Trafford is the biggest stadium in the Premier League. Able to seat 76,100 screaming fans, Manchester United’s home stadium opened in 1910. Despite being an older stadium, the Old Trafford doesn’t fall behind from its newer counterparts.

Converted to an all-seater, this stadium offers great corner areas with non-restricted views of the field. For all you Manchester United fans out there, you definitely will not be disappointed when visiting this historic stadium.

Etihad Stadium

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Formerly known as the City of Manchester Stadium, the Etihad Stadium was built in 2002 for the Commonwealth Games. Able to seat over 48,000 spectators, the stadium is a state-of-the-art sporting ground located at the centre of the Sportcity.

Along with its impressives build, the stadium also offers varied sporting facilities around the site. Without a doubt, the Etihad Stadium is a world-class stadium. Offering spectators with the top-notch non-restricted viewing experience. To know what a stadium should be like today, the Etihad Stadium is a great standard.

The Emirates Stadium

Home to Arsenal, the Emirates Stadium is a must-visit for all you Arsenal fans out there. Praised for offering the most comfortable viewing experience in the Premier League, visiting this top-class stadium is definitely worth it!

Opened in 2006, the Emirates Stadium accommodates over 60,432 spectators. Located in the country’s capital, London, this modern stadium is a must-visit for any football fan out there!

With this lineup of top football stadiums all around the UK, any football fan out there can find the right arenas to visit during their trip.