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What Should The Nigerians Know About The Science Behind The Leaves Of Kratom?

Almost all health influencers are now adding to the hype of using Kratom, advocating for its benefits. They are on a mission to help individuals switch from harmful chemical products to organic ones to help improve everyone’s overall health.

Chemical products have been causing harm to humanity for decades. Though they show fast results, they have a negative impact on the human body, which creates the need for more chemical products to heal. This never-ending cycle of the use of chemicals increases the level of toxicity present in the environment. It affects the present generation and will harm the next ones to come.

An organic compound that comes close to the potency of chemicals is Kratom. That is why many people are now adding Kratom to their daily lives. But, many are unsure where to buy Kratom products of good quality. So far, out of all the brands we have come across, Green Leaf Kratom is the one we prefer the most. Let’s go through the greenleaf kratom review in this article to learn more about the brand.

Understanding Kratom: The Greenleaf Kratom Review

The hype about Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, started when natives of Southeast Asia found that the leaf from the Kratom tree could come in handy in their daily life. They usually prefer chewing the Kratom leaf to enjoy its benefits. They also serve it as a welcome beverage to guests through tea.

Mitragyna Speciosa is one of the most potent organic compounds, and it comes from the Kratom plant. It is valuable because of the notable alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in the leaves. The alkaloids add to the

Kratom Users in Nigeria Should Know The Below Science Behind Kratom leaves

Kratom lovers in Nigeria prefer using Kratom extracts and capsules over any other chemical drug as it does not contain toxins and comes in several varieties.

Where Do They Come From?: Different Kratom Strains

There are several strains of Kratom available in the market. The most famous are Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom.

The strains have different potency and may also cater to different needs. For example, green vein Kratom is less strong than White Maeng Da Kratom. Whereas white vein Kratom is more potent than red vein Kratom.

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Science Behind Good Quality Kratom Leaves

For commercial purposes, these leaves are usually sold as Kratom powders. It is one of the most popular products of Kratom as it is potent and easily available. It is also a versatile product, as the bitter taste of the organic compound can be concealed by adding it to different things like smoothies or coffee.

However, finding a credible Kratom vendor who provides good quality Kratom powder is hard. It is more difficult for people not living near Southeast Asia to get their hands on good quality Kratom.

Also, several people hesitate to trust new Kratom vendors in the market. Therefore, we will guide you through some of the critical factors which relate to the science behind a quality Kratom leaf

100% Organic Products

Several Kratom vendors add chemicals to organic products like Kratom powder to increase efficiency. It helps consumers see faster results which get them hooked to the product, allowing the vendor to earn extra profits. However, Kratom user ends up consuming more chemicals that are harmful to their body.

That is why when purchasing Kratom products, make sure you go through the ingredient list thoroughly to ensure that there are no chemicals. The product should also not contain any chemical stabilizer or servants.

They Are Lab Tested Products

Your Kratom powder should not only be all-natural, but it should also be lab-tested. Therefore, before you purchase Kratom from any new brand, you should check their third-party lab results. The same goes for the green leaf.

The third-party lab tests the products for heavy metals like aluminum, manganese, etc. They also ensure that the product does not contain chemicals. That is why the authorities have mandated third-party lab testing for all vendors.

American Kratom Association approves Quality Leaf Vendors

The American Kratom Association is a Government regulated organization that sets guidelines for the Kratom industry. All the vendors have to follow the rules to be able to sell Kratom products in the market. The organization also launched a program to teach vendors about all the Good Manufacturing Practices they should follow.

The vendors that follow all the rules get approved by the organization and added to their list. You should be able to check the list on the website, and we recommend you buy Kratom only from vendors on that list.

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Also, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has not yet evaluated Kratom as a dietary supplement. Thus, approval from the above-mentioned organization is essential.


Here are some factors which affect the affordability of Kratom leaf-

Pricing Basis Around Quality leaves

Many people stray away from using organic products as they have high prices. They cannot justify investing a lot of money in an alien product. That is why many new users end up purchasing low-quality Kratom products. They are equally harmful as chemical products.

However, brands like Green leaf Kratom work as a savior by providing affordable, high-quality Kratom products like capsules.

It helps customers 24/7 via calls.

Shipping Policies

Before buying kratom, and different products like capsules, you should check out the shipping costs and policies of the brand. Some brands charge high costs for shipping which many customers cannot afford. However, purchasing bulk kratom can cut down on shipping costs.

In addition to it, you should also check out if the vendor provides free shipping or same-day delivery. Many brands delay their shipping, thus eventually delaying the delivery. It may cause inconvenience to several customers. But Green Leaf provides same-day shipping and express delivery for orders over $100.

It allows customers to try out different products and buying kratom at an affordable rate. It also eliminated the doubt regarding poor customer service.

Different Kratom Products

Most of the Kratom products you try come by grounding dried leaves of Kratom and turning them into powder. The powder is then used in different products in different dosages to control their potency. Let’s learn more about the products.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is the most potent product of all, as it comes directly from the leaves of the Kratom tree and thus has a high alkaloid profile. It can be used in several ways, like in your salad, smoothie, or even your morning coffee. It is one of the several forms of Kratom extracts.

Kratom Tea

The tea can be prepared in two ways. You can boil the leaves directly or add powdered Mitragyna Speciosa while boiling your tea. It is also a good form of refreshment.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are an excellent source of organic compound for experienced users as it contains Kratom powder in high doses. It is, therefore, more robust than traditional medicine. However, we do not recommend it for beginners.

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Green Leaf Kratom Review

Green leaf Kratom is a budding startup that deals with Kratom products. It provides the best quality Kratom in the market and is known for its customer-friendly policies. We highly recommend people taking Kratom regularly buy Kratom powders and capsules from Green leaf Kratom.

Why Should You Use Green Leaf Kratom?

The mention of Green leaf Kratom and the capsules in medicinal chemistry shows that health experts have always been interested in its potential benefits. Regular consumption of the compound may lead to positive changes in the human body. It may also help with alcohol dependence and opioid withdrawal symptoms as it binds with the opioid receptors of the brain.

Extracts from Kratom plants may also come in handy with pain relief if you suffer from muscle pain. It may also act as a chronic pain reliever. It comes in capsules for people who do not want the bitter taste.

What Is The Ideal Green Leaf Kratom Powder Dosage?

Though Kratom use is a healthy practice, it should be done under medical supervision. It is because if inexperienced users consume high doses, they may feel overwhelming effects. Thus, they should start with small doses. This goes for all these products including the capsules.

Low doses of 3 mg to 5 mg are ideal for beginners. At the same time, experienced users can consume more than 7 mg of the product.

It is essential to be careful with Kratom consumption as data shows that it is stronger than drugs like morphine. You should immediately contact poison control centers in case of a Kratom overdose. However, try to avoid such circumstances if possible.

Final Thoughts On Green Leaf Kratom

Taking Kratom every day is a healthy practice. It will help you switch from products with toxins without bringing a drastic change in your daily routine. However, it is yet to be regulated in the United States and other countries. But, per lab results, they are safe for human consumption. So, one user can consume it at the advice of medical experts. Users should also know that they should not consume powders or capsules containing the organic compound while consuming any other chemical drug. The drug may react differently, adding to their pain.

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