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Introducing: MTN Digital Mobile Library

MTN DML is a digital library that offers users open access to an extensive repository of electronic documents from over 2000 reputable academic databases/publishers with each offering up to 500,000 peer-reviewed academic PDFs, journals, ebooks, online courses and lecture materials.

DML is integrated into hundreds of search platforms and library systems worldwide. This makes it easier for users to access content from various information sources globally. DML is a not-for-profit research-focused project specifically aimed at helping students and researchers access peer-reviewed journals, ebooks at no cost.

DML also offers interest-based content tailored to each user’s preferences and interests. Access the platform via web or via a mobile app downloadable from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Open Access Resources

Access over 10 Million peer reviewed academic journals, PDFs, ebooks by simply typing your search query in the search box and have full-text results of your search at no cost.

Free Online Courses

Get access to all your favourite online courses from Harvard, Kahn Academy, Coursera, Iversity, edX,Udacity in the same environment.

Connect With Other Learners

Create groups with people who have similar academic and non-academic interests and have discussions, share documents etc.

Deep text search

DML’s deep search technology searches through the body of articles to recover relevant search results from over 2000 academic repositories worldwide.

Access to Local Content

View and access content from local thought leaders in different industries across multiple topics; entrepreneurship, business management, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Access The MTN Digital Mobile Library?

    You can access the MTN digital mobile library by signing up or logging on to the library. This is available on web — http://mtnf-web.softcom.ng , Android and iOS.

  • How Do I Sign-Up On The MTN Digital Mobile Library?

    Signing up on the MTN Digital Mobile Library is simple.
    All you need is fill the registration form here >> http://mtnf-web.softcom.ng/register or By filling the form on the sign-up page of the mobile app.

  • What Does The Sign-Up Process Require?

    You will have to provide your email, your school, first name, last name, gender, faculty, department, matric number, username and security question.

  • Why Should I Install The MTN Digital Mobile Library?

    With the MTN Digital Mobile library, you can gain access to over to academic and non-academic resources, free online courses, e-books, journals and research materials.
    Stay ahead of your peers and connect with those who share similar interests with you.

  • After Signing up, What’s Next?

    Upon completion of the sign-up process and selection of interests you will be redirected to your newly prepared Home page showcasing featured contents & “For you” this are content specially selected from you based on your interests.

  • How Can You Be Reached?

    You can send your complaints or suggestions to us via email: support@dml.com and you will be duly attended to.

  • How Can I Edit My Profile?

    To Edit your profile,

    1. Simply login to your DML platform
    2. Hover around your profile icon and select the profile button
    3. Click the Edit profile button and click update profile once you’re satisfied with the changes.
  • Why Do I Need To Follow People?

    You follow people to discover those who share your interest and to foster peer-to-peer learning. Still not interested? Simply skip this stage by clicking the next button.

  • How Do I Create A Group?

    To create a group ;

    • Go to groups on the side-menu.
    • Select ‘add group’.
    • Search & add members to the group
    • Click Create group when you’re done
  • I’m Faced With Video Playback Issues, What Do I Do?

    We are apologise for the inconvenience. Please check your internet connection. If the issue persists, contact us by sending an email: support@dml.com

  • Does DML Sell Or Give My Personal Information To Advertisers?

    No, MTN DML will never share your personal information, Kindly head over to view our privacy policy here

  • Can I Ask DML To Delete My Account And Personal Data?

    Of course! If at any time you wish to discontinue the use of the application, you may send in a deactivate request to support@dml.com and your account will be deleted within 48hrs. Kindly bear in mind that this process is irreversible.

  • What technical knowledge does one need to possess to use the DML platforms?

    We have carefully documented our privacy policy, kindly click here to view

  • What Does ‘Learn for Life’ Mean?

    The DML applications are so easy to use. All you need is a basic knowledge of computer/device usage and how to surf the internet.

  • What Do I See On My Explore Page?

    This page shows you an array of content that you might be interested in. Content here are not curated by your interests

  • How is the Explore page different from the home page?

    While the homepage shows you only content tailored for you, the explore page suggests even more content which might be relevant to you.

  • How Do I Become A Content Provider On DML?

    If you are interested in becoming a content provider on DML, kindly send an email detailing your proposition to support@dml.com

  • Can I Download A Video Or Audiobook To My Device?

    Due to copyright issues, you can only access content on the DML platform but can’t download such to your device.

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