#RamadanWithMaltina: Sharing food, prayers, knowledge, and happiness

To support Nigerians as they deal with the current pandemic, Maltina is sharing happiness through food, prayers, drinks, and other essentials to Muslim families in states hardest hit by the Coronavirus, including Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Oyo as they celebrate Ramadan.

This is in line with the brand’s commitment to share happiness to Nigerians. The pandemic has deprived many of access to the necessary refreshments, essential food items, and knowledge to keep them nourished, learning, and happy during this Ramadan season, a tragedy that Maltina is committed to mitigating.

In the spirit of Ramadan, apart from sharing 50 cases of Maltina packs every Friday to consumers at key Mosques and Islamic leaders across Nigeria, the leading malt drink is gifting key Muslim influencers with food boxes from Maltina, healing prayers, free Maltina drinks, and a letter of hope to enjoy and pass on to others in their community. Maltina is working to empower Muslim leaders to support others in their community for Ramadan, as the nation faces a global pandemic while completing the month-long spiritual exercise.

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Elohor Olumide-Awe, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, said, “The Maltina care boxes are designed to share happiness physically through nourishing food, spiritually through prayers, and emotionally through a letter of hope and our shared vision to continue sharing happiness across Nigeria.

We were excited to see our #RamadanWithMaltina gift boxes start a ripple effect of sharing, as the influencers, we empowered to share, also in turn, shared with others, thereby continued the imparting of gifts and blessings this Ramadan season.”

Maltina also hosted a ‘Day of Learning’ where three Nigerian Breweries employees volunteered their time and expertise to teach 3 learning sessions to an online community school with over 30,000 Northern Nigerian youths, women, and SME businesses on key topics useful for navigating our new reality as Nigeria faces COVID-19.

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Kennie Kadiri, Portfolio Manager, Non-Alcoholic Brands, Nigerian Breweries, commented, “Ramadan is a special season for blessings, and Maltina understands that sharing brings blessings, so we worked to support Muslim communities across Nigeria to make this Ramadan a special one, despite the challenges that COVID-19 brings to Nigeria.

Maltina believes that there is always an opportunity to share happiness, whether that comes in food, drinks, prayers, or knowledge.”

Honouring its brand values and maintaining consistency with its message of sharing happiness, even in the midst of a global pandemic, Maltina is set to make this season of Ramadan a special one for Muslims across Nigeria, sharing food, drinks, prayers, knowledge, and happiness.

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About Maltina

Maltina is a malt drink brand that inspires everyone to share their moments of happiness with loved ones. In recent communications, emphasis is laid on the premise that “Happiness” doesn’t have to be shared only when the big things in life happens. For Maltina, it is the “little things” that brings happiness. Maltina is your favorite Malt drink that nourishes your body with its richly packed essential Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, including Calcium) to keep your body and mind completely recharged.

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