“33” Export Lager Beer thrills consumers to an unforgettable Friendship Experience

“33” Export Lager Beer thrills consumers to an unforgettable Friendship Experience

“33” Export Lager Beer, the No. 1 Friendship Beer, has unveiled the “33” Export Friendship Experience Parties; a run ofexperiential events to celebrate memorable moments made special through friendships. The “33” Export Friendship Experience Parties will host friends in popular bars and clubs across Nigeria, and reward consumers with memorable experiences in honour of the bonds they share.

The series of events commenced on Friday 10th of March 2017, in Lagos and Ibadan. They were hosted by popular comedians, DJs, and a host of others who thrilled consumers with music, games and other engaging consumer activities.

Sharing his experience from the event held in Crystal Sapphire, Satellite Town, Lagos, Uzoma Thompson, who attended the party with colleagues said, “spending time with friends over a few bottles of beer is not merely about drinking, it’s almost the only time we have to reflect on everything we have done together, or achieved, even after work or weekends. The event is a wonderful way for people to relate better and celebrate, especially when there is good music and comedy.”

Speaking at the event held in Joybam Guest House and Bar, Ibadan, the Portfolio Manager, Mainstream and Stout, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Emmanuel Agu, reiterated the role of the brand in facilitating these memorable moments stating that “over the years,”33” Export Lager Beer has become a brand that creates long lasting memories and experiences for our consumers.”

He continued by saying that “the success of the “33” Export Friendship Experience Parties is built on the opportunity it provides friends from all works of life to connect and share friendship experience, so that no matter where they are, “33” Export Lager Beer will be found wherever their friendship leads.”

“33” Export Lager Beer is a premium lager beer, and one of Nigeria’s foremost mainstream lager beer brands. Renowned for creating outstanding consumer experiences, the brand was presented with an award by the Advertising Association of Nigeria, (ADVAN) Awards for Marketing Excellence within the Consumer Promotion category in 2016.



About “33” Export Lager Beer

“33” Export Lager Beer is a national premium beer brand and lead product of Nigerian Breweries. As the No. 1 Friendship Beer, it has enjoyed an important place in the nation’s history, especially among beer consumers. Crisp tasting and refreshing, “33” Export is your quality Lager Beer to celebrate friendship every day.

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