Don’t Drop The Mic

This Saturday Don’t Drop The Mic (DDTM) is taking a closer look at money matters, through their unique lens of creativity and fun, everything from bad investments to the strange things people do for money as the DDTM artists improvise with various scenarios on the spot.

This Saturday is extra special because DDTM will be launching a new competition this week known as “Lord of the Mic”.  Lord of the Mic is a segment in the DDTM show where artists compete in a number of creative challenges in order to discover who will be crowned “The Lord of The Mic”

10 artists (Rappers, Singers, Comedians, Actors or Dancers) are divided into two teams, and though they will be working together, they will be judged as individuals by the audience and special guests of the night.  The designated tasks will be created on the spot through the help of the audience and artists will have to adapt and respond creatively to whatever scenarios are thrown at them – which this week will revolve around “money matters”.

Through a process of elimination, the two most creative individuals will go head to head until a winner emerges as “The Lord of the Mic”

Date: Every Saturday of the month except the last

Time: 7pm

Venue: “Bogobiri Hotel” 9 Maitama Sule St, Off Raymond Njoju St, (off Awolowo rd), Ikoyi, Lagos.

Phone: 08098711724 OR 08157167133

Social: IG: @donotdropthemic; TW:@donotdropthemic; FB @dontdropthemic

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