A Peaceful Solution to African Economies and Sustainable Peace.

World Peace Tracts has started the process by creating the Pan African Peace Accords, which will help bring about an economic solution for peace through capital acquisition opportunities
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 17, 2021/ — World Peace Tracts ( Sweden, 10th June 2021 The African continent is in need of sustainable peace. Although many countries have made some progress, there are still so many challenges that the people face on a daily basis. Africa needs a way to work together and find new ways to solve problems in order to grow economically and become prosperous for all its citizens. World Peace Tracts has started the process by creating the Pan African Peace Accords, which will help bring about an economic solution for peace through capital acquisition opportunities for capitaless families across Africa.

The new Pan African Peace Accords will design the process of capital acquisition for capitaless African families to make capital ownership economically purchasable and formally as a way to build sustainable peace.

This will allow people from all over Africa who have no access or are denied of the right to own land, natural resources, and property legally, an opportunity for economic prosperity and improved living conditions. World Peace Tracts is not an organization that exists just in theory; it is composed of experienced business leaders from around the world.

African economies have been torn apart by war and poverty. In the past 50 years, Africa has seen more than 500 conflicts that killed more than 10 million people. The Pan African Peace Accords has been formed to develop Peaceful financing tools that can build Chad, Sudan and South Sudan as pilot for building economies in Africa fall into several categories based upon the criteria used in selecting their ownership constituencies.

Peaceful Solutions to African Economies and Sustainable Peace provides an overview of the current state of Africa’s economy in relation to its sustainability, as well as potential solutions for peace building.

Yosef Yomotov, one of the leading global peace negotiators who participated in countless negotiations for peace-making efforts among other World Peace Ambassadors. Yosef is now reaching out to Sudanese people, as well as business leaders/investors and influencers in African continent, to become part of a new Pan African Peace Accords.

Yosef Yomotov is spearheading this Pan African Peace Accords which he hopes will end with some form of negotiated settlement between Chad, Sudan and South Sudan.

The World is Moving Towards Sustainable Development

Sustainable development includes a range of activities such as market-based economic policies, recycling or conservation to ensure that the needs of future generations are met and that environmental issues do not have long-term consequences. One form of sustainable development is called Green Zones which has been successfully implemented in developing countries including Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda by encouraging people to grow crops with less need for water or fertilizer.

African economies have been marred by violence and war. However, there are peaceful solutions to these economic problems that can provide sustainable peace for Africa. The Pan African Peace Accords has developed a new model of finance called “Peaceful financing tools” which is based on the three criteria used in selecting their ownership constituencies: 1) Supportive Local Governments; 2) Economically Progressive Investors; 3) Intelligently selected Philanthropists.

The Sustainable Development Goals call for a world without poverty or hunger by 2030. One of the most critical elements to achieving this goal is addressing development challenges through sustainable peace and economic growth on a regional level.

The Pan African Peace Accords intends to use four criteria in selecting the ownership constituencies: 1) Scale of economic activity (domestic or international); 2) Assets that can be mobilized; 3) Risk profile of business activities; and 4) Local knowledge. In developing these businesses, the Pan African Peace Accords will consider all sectors including extractive industries, manufacturing, agriculture, finance/banking.

The idea of peace bonds came from the concept that we are all in this together. The goal is to share the burden of rebuilding as best as possible. One way is a “Peace Bond” program intended to offer loans to businesses at low interest rates with payments deferred until peace is restored.

Another option is an equity participation where citizens of each country are offered stocks on equal terms with dividends paid out from the profits generated by those shares they own in companies operating there.

The following are the four proposed models: 1) The Democracy Model; 2) The Sustainable Development Model; 3) The Rural Development Model; 4) And the Equitable General Stock Ownership Plan.

It is with great honor that we introduce you to our work on sustainable peace, a solution that is sorely needed not only for Africa but also for the rest of the world. The initial step towards peace will be taken by using three different models to finance development in Chad, Sudan and South Sudan.

The Pan African Peace Accords Uses Different Types of Financing to End Conflicts in Africa.

In order to end conflicts in Africa, there must be sustainable peace. This can only happen if African economies are stabilized and rebuilt.

A post-conflict environment is an investment opportunity for many. There are trillions of dollars available in the world to invest and rebuild, but there needs to be a new set of tools in order to facilitate that type of investment. Chad, Sudan and South Sudan have all been subject to conflict over the past decade with years of upheaval and war leaving them unable to provide basic services like food security or healthcare for their citizens. It is not possible for these countries without outside support.

Community Ownership Is the Key to Financing

Ownership is a key component to financing. Ownership can be achieved through capital markets, agricultural development funds, clean energy production projects with community-owned utilities companies, educational scholarships for promising students who would otherwise not be able to afford college and women’s ownership in the workplace. Capital markets are very important because they provide funding for businesses which need it. This includes seed money as well as investments that enable growth of a company.

In order to be successful, any organization needs a sustainable revenue stream. There are many ways to generate income for an organization including through the provision of goods and services, government grants, private donations or from selling stocks and bonds. However, in some cases this may not be enough because these sources of income can often dry up. One way that has been proposed is community ownership where there is a financial stake in the company for members of the local community.

$4 Trillion Is Being Spent on Wars Every Year.

The United States spends $4 trillion on wars every year. In a recent study published by The Washington Post, it was found that although $4 trillion is being spent on wars every year, trillions of dollars could be saved if military budgets were cut by 50%. In addition to reducing the cost of war substantially there are other costs such as health. The more money we spend in warfare, the less we have for public services and essential needs like healthcare and education.

Africa is a continent that has long been plagued by violence and unrest. For decades, it was ruled by the colonial powers of Europe and North America who extracted natural resources from Africa without paying any benefits to the people of Africa.

AEEX Gold Coin Custodial Listing on SECDEX Exchange in June 2021

AEEX Gold Coin Custodial Listing on SECDEX Exchange  in June 2021. The goal is to explore a Capital Market AEEX Gold Coin Custodial Certificate Listing on SECDEX Stock Exchange in Seychelles with a planned private sector Gold Coin minting facility to be set up in South Africa and potentially in Sudan, Chad or South Sudan for foreign direct inflows worth $1.9 Billion.

“Weownomy” To Launch New Gold Coin to Save Lives

Weownomy Social Currency is a new gold coin social currency with the objective of solving many of the economic problems that are currently being faced by developing countries.

The key to this goal is a new social currency for a new Weownomy social networking platform. This pilot gold coin program is also designed to provide African countries with a peaceful financing tool and increased foreign exchange as well as alleviate poverty in these nations through “weowns” gold coins.

Weownomy is a start-up social media company based in the United States with an innovative and altruistic goal: to provide financial aid for communities suffering from poverty. In order to achieve this goal, Weownomy has created a pilot program for Digital Gold Coin Electronic Payment System which will provide Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and other African countries with access to international trade markets.

The new social currency gold coin being launched by Weownomy offers investors from all over the world opportunities to invest in improving African communities.

The idea behind this new social gold coin currency system is not only providing countries in these regions with an alternative currency but also introducing them to the economic benefits of using an alternative Weownomy social network income platform that will pay users for using it.

This new social currency will be used by the communities in these three countries who are marginalized due to poverty, unemployment or civil war. This social currency is backed by gold from (AEEX) reserve and could help save lives.

A revolution in the financial sector is coming to Africa. Weownomy, a new social gold coin currency and electronic payment system will be introduced to Chad, Sudan and South Sudan with the launch of Digital Gold Coin Electronic Payment System. The pilot project aims to provide peace financing tools for the region as well as increased foreign exchange which would allow people in these countries to save lives.

Weownomy is the first of its kind in the world, integrating gold coin into electronic payment systems. The pilot project which has been created by the initiative of Ssemakula Peter Luyima a World Peace Ambassador and philanthropists will be implemented on an experimental basis over a period of one year.

Weownomy Social Currency is a “gold coin” created by Weownomy to address poverty, food insecurity and financial exclusion in Chad, Sudan and South Sudan. A total of 1 million weowns coins to be minted by AEEX South Africa Ltd with a new gold coin facility to be set up in South Africa and Sudan.

weowns” gold coins a new and revolutionary social currency which seeks to solve some of the most serious problems faced by many African countries. It will provide Chad, Sudan and South Sudan with a peaceful financing tool and increased foreign exchange.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of World Peace Tracts.About World Peace Tracts:
Since 2006 World Peace Tracts has promoted peace in conflict zones across the world.

World Peace Tracts
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