Adefolami Agunbiade has made the Rockefeller Foundation Top 10 Finalists for the Food System Vision Prize.

Agunbiade and nine others were picked from a pool of over 1, 300 applicants from 110 nations with plans of developing a plan of the generative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by 2050.

“The Top 10 Finalists, whose Visions focus on Canada, China, India, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, and the U.S., were selected based on their potential to inspire real, positive and bold transformation of a specific food system that is actionable, concrete and believed to be attainable by 2050,” the Rockefeller Foundation explained in a post on its website.

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“These Visions aim to tackle challenges tied to six themes (environment, diets, economics, culture, technology, and policy), while showing the systemic inter-dependencies between these themes.”

The Nigerian who is the Project Lead at Food Innovation Nervecenter, identified six major food challenges facing the country with focus on the South Western states of Lagos, Ekiti, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo and Osun.

“This vision from Lagos, Nigeria identifies six key food challenges for the region, from food waste to aging farmers, and outlines a multi-faceted plan to build a more regenerative and nourishing food system,” the organization said.

The other finalists for the Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision Prize have their ‘Visions Focus’ on Canada, China, India, Kenya, the Netherlands, Peru, and the U.S.

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In September, the shortlisted persons will go on a three-month virtual ‘Accelerator,’ a period where they are billed to get support to refine their visions and find ways for implementation.

The ‘Accelerator’ will also focus on stakeholder engagement, communications, action planning and storytelling and will provide mentorship opportunities for the finalists.

Following its launch about a year ago, the Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision Prize seeks to develop actionable solutions for the global food systems with the ‘Top Visionary’ going home with a prize of $200,000 USD.

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The ‘Top Visionaries’ will be announced in December 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation explained.


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