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Africa’s First Zombie Blockbuster, The Red, To Hit Cinemas 2021

Africa's first zombie blockbuster to hit cinemas 2021

THE RED is among a slate of three upcoming major motion pictures in production at Bird Guild Pictures, the first fully fledged Hollywood studio in West Africa. Based in Nigeria and UK.

The studio has made waves with its upcoming titles, marking its debut into the major motion picture sphere. These include big budget fantasy epic All is Calm Now (nicknamed a Wakanda origin story set in the real life city of Ancient Benin), and L. S. Zeickner’s long awaited musical Noir in 3 Moods.

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Africa is largely under-represented by Hollywood in apocalypse movies– Maybe fictional doomsdays do not reach the continent, or filmmakers simply view Africans as lacking the ability to survive them, but this movie may change that.

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The Red is rumoured as not your average zombie movie, described as a superhero origin story set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The production represents West Africa’s entry into mainstream cinema with a celebrity cast yet to be revealed.

Partly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement comes at a time when cinemas all over the world have begun to reopen their doors to a tentative public.

With its release set for early 2021, the motion picture is definitely on the list of blockbusters likely to draw audiences worldwide out of their homes and back to the cinemas.

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