Every Welders Go-To Solutions for Different Pipe Problems.

One of the most challenging things about being a homeowner is having to take care of each and every problem arising in your place. Whether it is a leaky roof or a broken window, it is up to you to fix it because this is your property, unlike with rentals where it is up to the landlord to take care of the problem.

The worst problems you might encounter around your place have to do with pipes, both gas and water ones. You might get a welder to take care of the problem for you, or you might decide to go about it yourself. Either way, you need to know how a professional welder would deal with different pipe problems.

Self-fusing repair tape

The most common problem you will encounter with pipes around your place has to do with leaking. If you happen to have one of those around, you need to attend to the matter as soon as possible, because a leaky pipe can cause all sorts of problems. Your best approach to doing that is using a self-fusing repair tape. They are usually made of silicone rubber, and they are leakproof, so once you apply them, you will have solved the problem. Welders don’t necessarily take out a blow torch for every pipe problem; sometimes, the answer is as simple as using one of those self-fusing tapes. You take it, put it on the dried leaky spot, and then start applying tension while holding the tape firmly and stretching it over itself. That way, it keeps fusing under pressure, and you will have repaired the leak.

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Replacing soldered pipes

Sometimes, the problem with the pipe is too complicated to fix, so it needs a replacement. A professional welder would know the best approach to replacing a soldered pipe is often to cut it, but that won’t always work due to space confinements or other reasons. In this case, the solution lies in reheating the entire joint and just pulling the fitting off when the solder melts –– you should immediately wipe the molten solder before it dries and becomes hard.

Dealing with purging systems

A purging system is installed within any pipe carrying gases, and it serves as a safety barrier of sorts by adding inert gases to interact with the others within the pipe to prevent their combustibility. The problem with those purge systems is the fact that they can’t be placed near welding zones, which can be very problematic. The best solution here is using soluble materials which can provide the same level of safety, but can also be put near welding zones with no complications whatsoever. Aquasol Water Soluble Paper and Tape are considered to be a great option, and they are also cheaper and easier to install and operate.

Using plastic drain lines

Ask any professional welder, and they would tell you that metal drain lines are always better than plastic ones, especially under the sink. But plastic is a lot easier to install, repair, and tighten, not to mention cheaper. This is why one of the best approaches to leaking pipes in the kitchen is replacing metal ones with plastic as it doesn’t corrode when subjected to water, and you can work on tightening it with ease.

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Dealing with clogs

Before going off and getting a welder to deal with your clogged pipe and replace it –– and before even running a drain snake into the pipe and risk damaging it –– there are other solutions you could try to deal with this particular problem. Try using a flexible shaft pickup tool or a zip-it one, and you can get rid of the clog. Even a vacuum might help with this one and it actually works.

Using thread tape

If you want to handle your pipe problems like a pro, you will need to start learning how to use a thread tape which is perfect for sealing pipe threads. Always go for thicker tape because it is easier to handle and will work better with the pipes. But don’t use it for compressions or other connections along your plumbing.

It certainly isn’t easy taking care of your pipe problems on your own, but it is also very doable. You need to ask experts and see how they work before trying your luck with your own piping system at home. Fortunately, the internet is full of helpful resources that you can use to learn all you need about welding solutions that could make your life a lot easier. So, read up and watch videos so you could get to work.

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