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Are you afraid of spending money to grow the business?

As an entrepreneur, you desire to grow your business and take it to the next level. The challenge is, we often pull back from spending the money in areas required for our company to grow. We look for a short cut, trying to get something for nothing or making the lowest cost the primary driver of our spending decisions.

To grow your business, you need to spend. However, you need to be smart about it so that you get good returns on your investment. Any time the economy is not doing well, companies tend to cut costs and lay off staff. The CEO becomes an accountant overnight.

Cutting costs is essential if you are eliminating waste from your overheads. It becomes shooting yourself in the foot when you cut costs in areas that bring growth. That includes training, research, and development, advertising and marketing, etc., activities that will lead to higher turnover. It could be hiring a business coach or consultant, getting help with your business plan and …

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What are the benefits of listing your business in on online directory?

Directories are not as popular as they used to be ten years ago. Yahoo! and Google have since rested their directories, although Google has moved to a different listing format by locality - Google Places. However, directories are still relevant, especially if you want to extend your reach through the internet.

Directories have evolved since the days of Yahoo!. Listings are now localised and interactive. Customers can send you an email or call you at a click of the button (without needing to type anything), including drop feedback or rate your services. With Google Maps integration, you can get directions to a store via Google Maps through a directory listing.

So what are the current benefits of listing your business in an online directory?

You are more visible online.

Listing your business in a major online directory makes it easier for people to find your business online. With online search becoming more local, people either visit local dir…

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How can your clients find you?

You started a business to solve an identified need in your locality. People are looking for people who will solve their problems without adding more stress to their lives. They are ready to pay for it. The question becomes, how do they find you?

How do we find service providers or where to buy things?

Word of Mouth

Let start with the old school method, which is still alive and well - ask a friend (or family) — the good old word of mouth recommendation. Word of mouth has limitations. One of them is that the standard of who is making the recommendation may be lower than yours. She may tell you "That guy is good" but when you try him, you may wonder why you allowed yourself to get into that situation. What may you may be looking for may not be available in your locality, or the people who you ask may not know. It is still a good way of finding what you are looking for

Road Side Shop

Depending on where you live, you pass shops on your way whe…

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