Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Accomplishments

When you think of celebrations, we think of big life moments. However, we fail to celebrate the small triumph in our lives. Anyone on a weight loss journey, financial freedom journey, or even a pro athlete practices celebrating small wins. A pound lost, a dollar saved, or a personal new record is impactful for their overall goal. They celebrate any amount as it means they are closer to their dreams. This habit should be implemented as well in your everyday lives. Your accomplishments, big or small, are impactful to your success and deserve to be acknowledged.

Celebrating doesn’t mean it has to be this extravagant party or an expensive gift. There are many ways to practice this habit that is easy to incorporate into your everyday lives. Starting a success journal, taking a day to pamper yourself, or go out to dinner with loved ones are easy ways to celebrate. Sometimes just taking a day to do something you love that you don’t always have time to do is just what you need to celebrate.

We have outlined the positive benefits of practicing this habit and how it can help you show up better for your business.

Setting your mindset 

We get into the habit of keeping track of all the tasks you haven’t had the chance to get to. As time goes on, it can eventually lead to a negative mindset about accomplishing goals. We may accomplish two to three small goals and we continue on without giving it another thought. Celebrating those small goals can induce happiness instantly. If you are celebrating what you want more of, it leads to more of what you want. As Oprah says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” You are your biggest fan, therefore, you need to be the first to praise yourself in your successes.

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Increases Motivation

We are a goal-orientated society and we love being able to cross things off our to-do list. We measure success with only big achievements. However, it may seem unattainable and overwhelming which has the potential to lead you to burnout.

 Celebrating every win can prevent that! Acknowledging your success can fuel motivation to keep pushing forward. It can evoke a more positive attitude about your tasks and help you become more aligned with your goals. Writing in a success journal can really help you look back and remind yourself that you have been moving further towards your goals with every little step you take.

Continue to learn and adapt 

With every obstacle you have overcome, take a moment to take it all in and reflect. Write down what was successful in your plan, what you think can improve it, and how would you apply it to other goals. Reflecting on your mistakes or practices that weren’t so successful can be a great learning tool too. By doing so, it can assist in effectively accomplishing more and tackling new projects.

Inspiring others

When you are sharing your celebrations, it can inspire others to do the same thing. They want to indulge in the same motivation and happiness you are experiencing. By promoting this habit, you are inspiring others to celebrate their own accomplishments. Overall, we are spreading positivity and motivation among our communities. It strengthens your network as success is contagious. Sharing your story can stimulate new ideas and opportunities in your circle. One may be in the same situation as you were and it can lead to them to accomplish their own goals. Another person in your network might have an idea that was more effective therefore giving you a new way to implement in your practice.

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Confidence booster

When you acknowledge what you are good at, you become more confident about yourself. You will more likely continue doing what you are good at. You are able to praise the great things that make who you are. Acknowledge that every goal you achieve, you are deserving of it due to your skills, hard work, and dedication. As the Dalai Lama states, “with the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. Recognize your strengths and use them for your advantage.

  Celebrating your accomplishments means celebrating yourself. It’s easy to celebrate those around you and fail to acknowledge your own wins. Whether it’s dinner with friends, buying something you’ve been eyeing, or taking a day to pamper yourself, take that time to enjoy how far you’ve come. We can get into the pattern of always going and it can get overwhelming when focusing only on the bigger picture. Celebrate how far you’ve come and all that you’ve accomplished since you’ve started. Every success you earn is a success for your overall passion and dream. You wouldn’t get to where you are now without all the small mighty wins.

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