Rethinking what matters: The 4 most important things in life

So much of our time here on Earth is wasted chasing away temporary happiness.

We spend an entire month’s pay on cellphones we’ll forget next year. We miss important birthdays because of a job that doesn’t pay well enough. We say yes to too many projects and no to personal projects that make us happy and fulfilled.

Too many of us feel unhappy with the choices we make because we realize they aren’t worth it in the end. We drop everything just to get our hands on these new and shiny things, forgetting that real invaluable possessions can’t be bought with money.

If you live in an amazing house with no happy family to live with, can you really tell yourself you live in a home?

Stop wasting your time pursuing things that won’t reward you with long-term happiness.

Money can buy happiness but that happiness fades away as easily as the cash you spend.

These 4 things are beyond money and can only achieved through mindful living.

The best part?

They’re free of charge and reward you ten times over:

Healthy Relationships


Successful people thrive in the presence of successful people. Don’t let gritty businessmen tell you that the road to success can be achieved by stepping on people. There are many ways to achieve great things and using people at their own expense is not the best way to get there.

For starters, no matter how nonchalant you might seem, this is eventually going to weigh down on your spirit. There’s just something about being cruel and relentless that wears down the human soul.

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Instead of treating life as a race, use social opportunities to create genuine relationships with people. Go for relationships that stimulate your brain and challenge you to become a better version of yourself. We’ve been trained to think that the only way up is by bringing other people down. It’s about time to change that and start developing real connections with the people around you. Everyone has their own story – you’d be surprised how similar you are with other people.

Time and Productivity

We have 24 hours a day to do the things we want. But sometimes we feel that this isn’t enough time to develop our character and become who we are. In reality, it’s not that time just moves too fast. Too often, we spend time on things that make us go slow.

We tend to prioritize things that cost too much energy and have little pay-offs. Most thought experts agree that multitasking only bears low productivity and even less results. The key to life, then, isn’t to do more but to do what you can with the time you have.

When you see time as a finite resource, you stop taking it for granted and begin spending every second wisely.

Good Health


When we’re enjoying the peak of our careers, it’s easy to forget that we’re humans too. We forget to eat, sleep, work out, and have fun. We forget that we’re more than just money-making machines churning dollar after dollar.

Too many great people fall into sickness because they didn’t bother taking care of themselves. When you spend all of your life working and chasing after successes, chances are you’re forgetting to nurture your body. Investing energy in proper health care ensures that you will be here long enough to watch your successes go in full bloom.

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But good health isn’t just measured by longevity. The quality of life you live can also be considered good health. The less time you spend being sick and depressed gives you more time to enjoy what you have, without necessarily extending your lifetime. The key is to find enjoyment in the things you do, one minute at a time.

Reason to Live


Your reasons to live are your goals but not all of your goals can be considered your reason to live. Your purpose is a larger-than-life phenomenon you have that drives your actions and your principles. It’s the reason why you get out of bed everyday and why you keep bouncing back up regardless of the setbacks you face.

A person’s purpose takes on many forms. You may want to become a best-selling writer. Maybe you want to be a diplomat. Maybe you want to be an academic and change the way people understand education. These things are bigger than the mundanities of day-to-day life. Find what your purpose is and you will have unlimited fuel, sharper focus, and a more passionate outlook on life.

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