Signs Of Family Manipulation

Family manipulation might not sound like a real thing to many people. But the fact is, wherever there are relations, there is a chance that one person would try to manipulate the other.

Partner abuse and manipulation have been talked about quite often and thus many people are aware of it and are able to get away from such relationships. But, everyone needs to know that it is possible to be manipulated by those people too with whom you grew up and spent your life with.

Whenever a family member, be it the mother, father or siblings tries to control another family member, it is a clear case of family manipulation. Many times a person wouldn’t even realize they have been manipulated by family members until they move away and realize that their situation was less than ideal.

So here are a few signs that will help you recognize family manipulation.

1. Lying


A family member who is trying to control another would lie a lot to them. Most of these lies are feeble and won’t stand a tough scrutiny. So if any of your family members are being untruthful to you, it is a good idea to try and find their reasons behind such a behavior.

2. Silent treatment

If a Narcissist family member is trying to control you, one of the tools they will readily use is the silent treatment. This is easy for them as they don’t have to do anything and you will be pleading with them for their time. This is a very common manipulative technique and isn’t healthy at all.

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3. Selfless facade

Anyone who is truly selfless will never parade the fact in front of others. If someone is making it a point that you should know exactly how selfless they are being and how proud you should be of them, then they are definitely being manipulative.

4. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a prevalent, however unhealthy habits. If someone tries to make the other person think that they are going out of their mind, without any cause is gas lighting. This is just one attempt at trying to completely control another human.

5. Intimidation

Family members might be intimidating without resorting to outright threats. They are covert threats and at such times the language and the words they use are indicative of their manipulation.

6. Guilt trips

This is a common habit of many people, especially when they are being called out for their unfairness. If you ask them to take certain measures about something, they will take it entirely off the table. This will make you want to apologize to them even though your demand wasn’t unreasonable, their response was.

7. Shaming

Your family members are supposed to support you. Instead, if they are pointing out and highlighting your insecurities especially in front of others then it is a very cruel manipulative tactic. By making you feel bad about yourself, they are trying to show you who the boss is.

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