Useful Tips on How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria.

How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria.

Smartphones are mini information data banks. Contacts, diaries, bank accounts, emails, etc.; the minutiae of our daily lives are stored in the memory of this mini-computer. We carry them everywhere, and they make tracking people much easier.

Sometimes we may need to track someone. Why? There are many reasons, some of which we will explore later in the article. First, we will look at how to trace a phone number in Nigeria and how you can achieve this.

How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

People have various reasons for wanting to track phone number and find someone’s location. Below, we highlight some methods on how to trace a phone number in Nigeria in particular.

1.   Contact Your Network Provider to Trace Your Phone

Your network provider enables the service you receive from a particular company, for example, MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, Airtel, etc. Therefore, they will be a good first option to trace phone number locations for a target cellphone. However, for data security reasons, your network provider may only provide phone number location information at a formal request from the police or other official. Even then, it may only be a rough location such as the city or state from which the call came.

The network provider can, however, provide you with the IMEI number of a target device that might be lost to pass to the police or officials assisting you.

2.   Track Phone Number Location with GEOfinder.Mobi

GEOfinder is another tool to explore how to trace a phone number in Nigeria. Provided you know the phone numbers of the devices you are trying to track, regardless of the make, model, or network of the phone, GEOfinder will enable you to find the exact location of the number on a map.

How does GEOfinder work? Easy, just follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to the GEOfinder home page here.
  • Enter the phone number you are trying to trace and click FIND.
  • The mobile number tracker will perform a search and advise on whether or not the device can be found.
  • You will then be transferred to a page where you enter your email address to register an account.
  • Make your payment for the service, and the search result is yours.
  • Price plan: $39.99 per month. The app offers a $1 trial offer that lasts for 48 hours.

Available for use on Android or iPhone, GEOfinder doesn’t require any installation or download procedures. 

3.   Track Phone Number and Location Using TrueCaller

TrueCaller will also track phone similarly to GEOfinder, using just a telephone number. It operates live from the home page or can be downloaded to your mobile phone or device using the following procedure.

  • Go to the Truecaller homepage.
  • Download the app to your device, or working directly from the homepage, enter the mobile number that you want to trace.
  • Enter your email address to create your account, and the number’s location will display on your dashboard.
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Truecaller offers a free basic service that locates the number, identifies the caller ID, and enables spam blocking. Truecaller also provides other features under their Premium or Gold price plans.

Price plans available include:

  • Free – $0.00.
  • Premium – one-off annual payment of $29.90 or monthly payments on a quarterly contract of $10.99.
  • Gold – one-off annual payment of $249.

Features on the Premium or Gold price plan include some of the following: incognito mode, ghost calls, who viewed my profile, no ads, etc.

4.   Track Lost Device by Using the IMEI Number

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number or IMEI number is the unique identifier of an individual phone. It is written on your mobile phone or on the original packaging. Alternatively, your network provider can give you your IMEI number. Because this IMEI is unique, it can be used to track a lost phone, stolen phone, or as a general phone locator.

The downside is that due to data protection rules, the Network Provider will only give information to officials at a formal request, such as during a police inquiry.

Alternatively, you can use a web-based IMEI tracker, which enables a paid-for location search online using the IMEI number only. Please read through the Terms and Conditions of this service before using it, as they state the service is only for use with your own phone device. It is still a helpful tool, though, if you are searching for methods on how to trace a phone number in Nigeria.

5.   How to Locate Your Android Phone with Google’s Find My Device

Google has developed an easy-to-use and efficient free service for Android and iPhone devices, enabling users to locate, ring, or erase a device from the web. For information on how to trace a phone number in Nigeria using Google’s Find My Device service, simply follow the steps.

  • Set up a Google account (that additionally provides access to all their apps and services).
  • You will also need to have Location Sharing set up with your target user.
  • From the Find My Device service, select the device you want to locate.
  • Using the GPS tracking, Google’s Find My Device will provide a precise location of the tablet, cellphone, etc., that you are looking for, including registration details and IMEI number.
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Although Google’s Find My Device is available for Android and iPhone, it’s worth remembering that Apple provides its apps with a similar service Find My for iOS.

Requirements for Tracking a Mobile Phone in Nigeria

You may have researched how to trace a phone number in Nigeria. You may also have discovered that before you can become a phone tracker pro, there is certain information that you will need to have about the target phone before you can go any further.

  • The most important information you will need is the target device’s telephone number. Without it, your search stops.
  • An internet connection is also a must-have. People have smartphones in the first place for connectivity with the rest of the world via the internet, so you will also need the internet to connect with the target device.
  • The target device must have been used, or no location records will be available.

Phone Tracking Reasons

Now that most of us carry smartphones and mobile phones, there are so many reasons for tracking a cellphone that it would be difficult to list them all, as they are individual to each person. However, some of the more general reasons might be:

  1. To keep a younger or more vulnerable child safe by maintaining direct, remote contact with them, enabling a certain amount of independence.
  2. To follow a troublesome older child or teen to find out if they keep to the rules or visit forbidden locations.
  3. To locate the source of any phone harassment and scammers so you can block or report it. A CNAM lookup tool is useful here to discover an unknown caller’s identity.
  4. To investigate whether a partner or spouse is having an affair, particularly if they are demonstrating suspicious behaviors.
  5. To monitor employees’ location and online activities to ensure they maintain their working hours correctly.

However, not everyone carries a smartphone; some people choose to have a non-smartphone, otherwise known as a dumbphone, to maintain contact by phone, but without the additional features and connectivity.

Bear in mind that privacy laws in most countries state that it is illegal to monitor an adult’s (18 years+) mobile phone without their knowledge and cooperation. You can track a minor’s phone (under 18 years) if you are a concerned individual fearing for a child’s safety, for example, a parent.

Tracking a Smartphone User

Smartphones enable users to connect with family and friends via online and app services like Google’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. Apple also uses AirTags, mini devices to attach to non-Apple products, including personal items such as rucksacks. These make it much easier to keep track of people within your circle. Alternatively, there is a growing selection of spy apps available, which, although they require access to a target device, nevertheless make tracking target individuals an option.

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Tracking a Non-Smartphone User

A dumbphone is much more challenging to track as it doesn’t have the same connectivity as a smartphone. However, it carries GPS tracking capabilities, so you can potentially track it if it’s lost or stolen. There are also online services that can help with this, but they may be specific to the manufacturer. Do a little research to find out what software is compatible with the target phone.


The question of how to trace a phone number in Nigeria isn’t a difficult one. There are options available if you are willing to do some research. However, remember that Data Protection laws are getting tighter and that it is illegal to monitor anyone over 18 years without them knowing.


How to track my phone myself using the IMEI in Nigeria for free?

Using the IMEI number, there are several ways to track your lost or stolen phone for free.

The first is to contact your network provider. For data security reasons, however, network providers will only provide general location information such as the city or state. Further information may be provided at the request of officials such as the police. Alternatively, you can try an IMEI tracking app.

How can I trace someone using their bank account number in Nigeria?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no. You can trace someone using their bank account number in Nigeria; however, due to Data Protection laws, banks are only able to reveal personal information following an official request from the police or other law enforcement agency.

Personal information is protected, so it cannot be revealed to anyone else by a bank under any other circumstances.

What is the purpose of linking SIM to NIN in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the NIN is a National Identification Number provided to all legal residents and Nigerian citizens of Nigeria. It’s an 11-digit number recorded on completion of an individual’s enrollment on the Nigerian National Identity Database.

The SIM is a Subscriber Identification Module used to identify and authenticate individuals subscribed to services on cellphone and computer devices.

In Nigeria, by law, all network operators are now required to link the NINs with their individual SIMs on subscriber networks.

The reasons behind this are to address the security issues that the country is experiencing by preventing the abuse and misuse of the National Identity Cards, particularly among criminal groups.

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