Besttouch is a professionally managed, one-stop INTEGRATED FACILITY MAINTENANCE and SERVICE provider. We are all about managing your facilities. We are a full-service company that has developed a unique approach to attending to the interior and exterior of your facilities.

We are devoted to coordinating your various spaces, supervising your infrastructure, completing landscaping management, and parking lot management. Our services are also not limited to managing office blocks, arenas, schools, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, or hotels.

Besttouch Facilities and Services, Ltd. has been maintaining properties since it was established in 2012. We pride ourselves in maintaining and managing properties under its stewardship so efficiently that clients often experience an increase in property portfolio profitability that subsidized the cost of our services. Besttouch’s management concept has its foundation in professionalism, integrity, accountability, and quality service. Our premium property management services include the following:

✥ 24-hour Electrical and Plumbing services

✥ Janitorial Service

✥ Conducting regular and frequent inspections to ensure the delivery of these services

✥ Fumigation
✥ Trained and reliable personnel

✥ Various floor maintenance

✥ Waste disposal

✥ Water and waste treatment plants, etc.

✥ Generator maintenance and repairs

✥ Janitorial services

✥ Lawn and general ground maintenance

✥ Painting

✥ Roadway, curbs, and sidewalk cleaning and maintenance

✥ Staining and general surface structure maintenance

✥ Minor Civil Works