Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) was established as Federal Department of Forestry Research in 1954. The Institute’s Decree 35 of 1973 and other establishing Research Institute of 1977 changed the status of the Department to an institute being supervised by the Federal Ministry of Environment.

It has mandates to conduct research into all aspects of Forestry, Wildlife Management, Agroforestry and Forest Products Utilization. Furthermore, through its colleges it has the mandate to train technical and sub-technical personnel for the forestry services and other agro allied services in the country.

The mandates of the Institute cover the entire country being the only such organization in the country. To realize its mandates, FRIN has four large specialized research departments with each having various specialized sections, and three support staff departments; six outstations and four HND/OND awarding Colleges.


  1. Seed Handling and Nursery Tech
  2. Herbarium Techniques
  3. Snail Rearing Techniques
  4. Landscaping
  5. Grasscutter Rearing Techniques
  6. Wood Identification
  7. Apicultural Techniques
  8. Utilization of Non-Timber Forest Products
  9. Termite and Pest Control
  10. Mushroom Cultivation Techniques

Consultancy Service

  1. Forest Plantation Establishment
  2. Supply of Seeds and Seedlings
  3. Plant Identification
  4. Plant Specimen Collection
  5. Landscaping
  6. Saw Milling
  7. Wood Seasoning (Drying)
  8. Wood Preservation
  9. Furniture Construction
  10. Well Paneling (Drying)
  11. Cane Rat Domestication

Head Office:
Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
Jericho Hill, Ibadan
P.M.B. 5054, Ibadan