Services rendered at KSH

· Maternal and childcare services

· Infertility management

· Paediatric care

· Surgery

· Medicine

· Minimally invasive surgery (pinhole surgery)

· Assisted reproductive Technology

· Family planning

· Counselling.


Kauna Specialist Hospital (KSH) is primarily a Maternity-health care hospital registered in 1984. Its Corporate Head office is at No.35 Rwang Pam Street, Jos, Plateau State. 

At Kauna Specialist Hospital, we strive to deliver the highest quality maternity health care services to the Nigerian populace. We rely on this to drive our performance, which consequently ensures continued high dividend yield to all our stakeholders.


Our purpose at KSH is primarily to provide superior fertility and maternity health care services. In addition, KSH undertakes to provide holistic health care services to the family.


At KSH, we are driven with the ambition of becoming:

i. A Strong, leading private maternity Hospital in Nigeria;

ii. The number one provider of fertility and maternity services in Nigeria; and

iii. The most value-creating healthcare facility in Nigeria.


Our motto at Kauna Specialist Hospital is: Improving family health.


In pursuant of her mission, vision and motto, Kauna Specialist Hospital (KSH) maintains five cardinal values called ‘DIPET’. DIPET encapsulates a set of core values which governs KSH’s operations and corporate and individual behaviour of all staff members. DIPET means: 


  1. Dependable – At KSH,      we strive to prove our dependability through rapid response to      emergencies, comprehensive care and 24/7 availability. However, we humbly      request our esteemed and potential clients to further place extreme demand      on our dependability.
  2. Integrity – KSH’s      superb healthcare delivery system is not just “compliant” with      professional ethics, but superior to industry average. In addition, we run an open-door policy.
  3. Patient-centred – Our      services, innovation and continuous improvements revolve around our      patients and we shall do everything but not less than novelty to      consistently assure satisfactory health care delivery.
  4. Excellence – At KSH,      we strive to main a healthcare delivery system that is driven by passion      for excellence on the part of every member of staff.
  5. Teamwork


The belief that corporate performance can be optimized through collective, collaborative effort and mutual support makes KSH’s staff to go through a programme of high performance Team Behaviour as a way of inculcating the team spirit and de-emphasizing individual drives. We have put in place a system of rewards for team achievement as well as an environment of mutual trust.