The National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) is a Corporate Services Unit (CSU) in the Exploration and Production (E&P) Directorate of the NNPC charged with the responsibility of managing Nigeria Government’s investment in the UpStream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.

Our objective is to enhance and maximize the margin accruing to the Nigerian Federal Government through effective supervision of the Joint Venture Companies (JVCs), Production Sharing Companies (PSCs) and Service Companies (SCs). We shall achieve our objective through adequate supervision of budgets and performance, as well as ranking of projects that give higher “returns on investment” to the Nigerian government. We also engage in direct exploration of the frontier and inland basins.

  • Joint Venture Operations
  • Production Sharing Operations
  • Services Operations
  • Gas Operations
  • NipeX
  • Joint Venture Contractors (JVCs)
  • Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs)
  • Service Contractors (SCs)

Plot 36, Gerrard Road, S.W. Ikoyi, Lagos State. Nigeria