Following the end of World War II, the British Colonial Government under the auspices of the West African Frontier Force, (WAFF) established 2 Vocational Resettlement Centres in Nigeria and Ghana. The Centres were charged with the responsibility of imparting skills relevant to the resettlement needs of the colonial West African Ex-Servicemen.

The Nigerian Civil War also necessitated the hurried recruitment of able-bodied Nigerians into the other rank cadre of the Armed Forces, mainly the Nigerian Army, irrespective of academic qualification. Subsequently the school was later renamed Armed Forces Resettlement Centre aimed at giving vocational skills to retirees.

To be a world class Training Institution capable of repositioning ex service men and women to cope with challenges of service in their post service life.

To consistently provide quality training, geared towards preparing Nigerian Armed Forces personnel to face the challenges of re-integrating into civil life.