PTPShopy offers a versatile crypto payment gateway for e-commerce and various merchants, supporting over 400 cryptocurrencies. Benefit from instant, secure payments with minimal fees, and no chargebacks, tailored for freelancers, gamers, and online retailers.

List of services PTPShopy provides include:

• Invoice generator

• State-of-the-art security

• Retail POS system

• Long-term cryptocurrency vaults

• Mobile and desktop accessibility

• Competitive transaction fees

Our platform equips businesses with essential APIs and integrations, such as:

• WooCommerce

• Opencart

• BigCommerce

And countless others Explore our array of merchant solutions and e-commerce integrations here:

When you embrace crypto transactions via PTPShopy, your business stands to gain:

• Increase in revenue

• Reduced transaction costs

• No chargebacks

• Ability to operate globally

• Faster transactions