Tyla Integrated Services Security Division is a Nigerian owned company which is managed by Nigerian`s and British ex-patriates who have specialized in contracting security officers to a variety of industries in Nigeria since 2009. We attribute our success to the combined Nigerian and British management team, which is comprised of a number of seasoned professionals whose combined experience spans over 60 years in Security, Military and Police backgrounds.

We provide uniformed and plain clothed unarmed security professionals to patrol your premises when you can’t be present. We offer static and mobile patrol security access control; CCTV installation at businesses, construction sites, homes, buildings and many other locations, ensuring you the peace of mind you deserve. so leave it up to the professionals at Tyla Integrated Services Ltd/Security Division. We can also provide Nigerian Police MOPOL Units.

Within the aviation security industry, our world recognized Security Consultants can offer:
Cargo Security;
CCTV & Ground Radar Operation;
X-Ray Training
Ground Security Awareness Training (GSAT);
Ground Security Managers;
Ground Security Officers;
Ground Security Supervisors;

K9 Explosive/Narcotic /Detection/Guarding:
Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDD)
Explosive Detection Dog (EDD)
Patrol Dogs (PD)
Tactical Dogs (TD)
Personal Protection Dogs (PPD)

Executive Protection is essential in Nigeria. Threats can include the VIP, his family members, employees and the VIP’s business interests.
Our VIP security professionals include former Nigerian Policemen who are trained experts who will provide the highest level of personal protective services you need.
We can also provide Nigerian Mobile Police (MOPOL).
Please call us for details and we will gladly and confidentially discuss your security needs.

There are practical training on how to react to a threat in the form of a bomb, biological devices, a telephone threat call, or a bomb placed outside or inside the building.

Tyla Integrated services can help Safeguard and protect your business and its reputation by providing for the continuity of operations should there be any unanticipated business interruptions, whether caused by man-made threats or natural disasters.

Private Investigation:
Depending on the situation, we use a variety of methodologies:
Undercover operatives
Covert cameras
Interviews and fact-finding
GPS tracking systems
Public records and document searches