Marine Logistics
We own, operate and provide technical management in the following AREAS:
Floating Production Storage and Offloading – FPSO’s
Security Vessels – FSIV’s
Platform Supply Vessels – PSV’s
Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Vessels – AHTS
Dive Support Vessels – DSV
Tugs (Line Handing and Towing)
Fast Personnel/Cargo Transport
Super Sonic Cruiser Ferry Boats
Landing Crafts
Self-Propelled barges for general cargo, fuel and water transportation
Dump and Ramp Barges for general cargo transportation
Provision of all marine support with experienced professionals
Vessel Crewing and Manning Operation
Delivery of Petroleum Product to Dredging terminal
Repair, Maintenance & Dry Docking Facilities
Product Pipe Line – Right of Way Monitoring, Security Surveillance, and Maintenance
Partaker In The Direct Sales & Direct Purchase (DSDP) of Nigerian Crude Oil 2019/2020

Maritime & Oil Services Support
Capacity Enhancement & Training Development
To achieve optimal and successful implementation/delivery of projects in these areas, we have anticipatory and responsive assets encompassing:
Qualified/Certified and Capable Human Capacity
Infrastructural, Equipment/Systems, and Process Capacity
Variegated & Customizable Product/Service Offering at Optimal Levels
Dynamic Resource (Time, Budgetary, Location, Value-For-Money, etc.) Considerations
Broad and Innovative Value Supply in Specific Market Niches (and across the board).

Product Pipe Line – Right of Way Monitoring, Security Surveillance, Protection and Maintenance
Pipeline Right of Way Monitoring, Security Surveillance, Protection and Maintenance are essential for maintaining the integrity of critical infrastructure for oil and gas distribution.UTM Dredging Limited employs the services of foremost security industry experts with extensive experience to review and consult with our clients so that we can develop efficient and effective safety and security programs that meet our client’s ever-changing but demanding security needs in today’s challenging economic climate vis-à-vis ensuring that our clients, their employees, their information and their assets are protected
UTM provides that vital link between any section of an in-service pipeline and a central monitoring station via the use of M2M technology to increase profits by sending more accurate data from remote sites to identify problem areas including pipeline corrosion, undetected leaks and illegal taps.