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Entrepreneurship Creativity Exhibition

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The entrepreneurial spirit is not something you are taught, it is something you must develop within yourself. It develops in the individuals who demonstrate a true passion for building something great from nothing andthey are willing to push themselves to the limits to achieve big goals. These people can be turned down but they can never stay down because what they are after is far bigger than staying down.

The Entrepreneurship Creativity Exhibition is a business networking exhibition designed to showcase entrepreneurs who have creative business ideas and skills backed with opportunities to grow and expand their businesses in this fast paced environment.

These emerging CEO’s are in their early stages of starting and running a business and are looking for potential surface opportunities that may lead to generating a business.

We hope to bring to light relevant tools needed to expose your small andmedium scale business to the right clientele.

this event is taking place in kano state.

to exhibit your products at the event contact 07036127659 or click

Participation is free.


Niger street

Royal Tropicana Hotel


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One Comment

  1. Kunle Odusegun

    September 29, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    This is quite good, interesting and a right step in the right direction.

    I am happy to know that private sector organisations are taking the bull by the horn to develop Entrepreneurship in the country to grow our economy. More grease to ur elbows.

    Pls bring this Exhibition to Lagos often and announce early and in popular media to allow many people and youths to take advantage of it

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