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AFWL: Fashion Futures; The Panel Sessions: Empowering Creatives

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Yesterday’s webtalk, Empowering Creatives was a resounding success thanks to our esteemed panellists from the Mayor’s Office, the British Council, Southbank Centre and Victorious Art.

Jeanette Bain-Burnette, Genevieve Pace, Debo Armon and Rachel Victor-Sampson expressed a closer level of empathy as creatives themselves with which our audience connected, as evidence in the volume of encouraging feedback and social media activity.

 The panellists did not shy away from addressing the heightened inequality that has surfaced on the back of the COVID-19 crisis. The hoarding of resources during this pandemic did not stop in the supermarkets. Fortunately, the panellists collectively agreed that it is the leadership of institutions such as theirs that are responsible for dissolving such inequality, ensuring through the responsive implementation of their respective resources marginalised and underrepresented communities are not left out and equally acknowledged.

In addition to identifying what resources each organisation have made available (including relief funding) to assist the creative industry during this very difficult time, the panellists expressed that it was essential to maintain the creative momentum. They unequivocally emphasised the need for the continued harnessing of creativity during this crisis as far as it relates to maintaining mental health and creative expression.
 You can watch a recording of our talk here.  Register for our full programme on our website.

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