Ghana Introduces Locally Made African Attires as School Uniforms.

The introduction of school uniforms which is mostly used in every schools in Africa today was brought about by our colonial masters a very long time ago.

  Long before the arrival of the colonial masters on the chores of Africa, Africa as a continent had a way of educating the younger generations about the Do (s) and Don’t (s), and the norms in the society which is refered to as non- formal Education. Since the introduction of school uniforms as far back as 1522 in the United Kingdom, school uniforms are used throughout the world even to typical villages and surbubs around the world as long as there’s school there. 

School uniforms have been associated with schools depending on the type of colors and styles adopted by different schools.    Back then in 1522 in the United Kingdom, school uniforms were adorned by the children of the poor. 

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According to research, the purpose of school uniform is to beautify the students, differentiate students from one school to another,  and most importantly attract people, especially parents and care takers through the beauty of the uniforms to send their children to schools.

The arrival of colonial masters in Africa brought about what we reffer to today as “Formal Education” with the introduction of school uniforms to garnish the beauty of education in Africa.
School uniform have always had a British way of looks, design and pattern which is usually very different from what we know as African style of design. 

We can agree that short sleeves, long sleeves trousers, skirts and blouses we wear as uniform in Africa today are not African ways of dressing. 
The Republic of Ghana which was refered to as a Gold Coast region during the colonial rule have decided to change the way the students in the country looks whenever they are in school, by creating a new pattern and style of uniform with a pure African design with high level of creativity. Ghana has taken the trophy as the first  Country in Africa to have taken that bold step in a bid to achieve what is reffered to as “Decolonization of the Mind Agenda.”

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 The normal type of uniform has unarguably transformed through the ages, but none of these transformations had ever portrayed this unique African cultural attributes and styles.

Ghanaian Authorities have taken that bold step to break themselves free of the charckles of the colonial masters by re-inventing their own uniform in an African way which looks even more beautiful in a way. For Africans to move forward, we may follow the right step taken by Ghana to reinvent our school uniform for a more beautiful and more African schools.

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